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Back in action: How to ease participants’ ‘in-person event anxiety’

In the UK we’ve been ’back’ to in-person events for nearly a year, but are you still worried about attending live events? Or as an event organizer, are you concerned your attendees will even turn up? 

7 tips for time management skills in events

Are you finding there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done with your event strategy? Click to access 7 tips for busy event professionals.

Did we learn anything from virtual events?

When it comes to in-person and virtual events, there's no one-size-fits-all approach. You need to determine what will work best for your business and then execute that plan flawlessly.

Are you losing money on your event by not using digital packages?

Sponsors and exhibitors are looking for new, innovative ways to get in front of their target audience. They want to connect with potential customers through digital channels, as well as in-person and hybrid events.

AI and Machine Learning delivered by Grip

In this article, we will explain how Grip uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology to better connect participants to one another, services and products. You will also find some top tips on getting the best from Grip’s AI-powered tools to improve your attendee, exhibitor and sponsor experience. 

SXSW selects Grip as the event technology partner for its first in-person event since 2019

For the first time since the pandemic started, South by Southwest® Conference and Festivals (SXSW®) is going back to in-person events, selecting Grip, the AI-powered event, networking and matchmaking platform as its event technology partner.

The Silver Lining of Virtual Events

In this article, we’ll cover some of the key points to consider when going virtual in a short period of time and the often unspoken silver lining of switching to virtual events.

Grip x ExpoFP - Streamlining and simplifying the exhibitor management and floor mapping workflow for organisers

Event organisers and exhibitors can now benefit from an integration between ExpoFP and Grip which offers a new level of user experience, flexibility and efficiency for floor mapping and exhibitor services.

Grip wins Best Event Networking Technology at the Event Technology Awards

London, U.K. - Grip has been crowned the Best Event Networking Technology at the Event Tech Awards, held in London during the first In-Person Day of Event Tech Live, a major Hybrid event for the Event Industry.

Grip session recommendation improvements drive 94% more "Add to Schedule" actions

As part of Grip’s mission to bring people together and build a better future, we want to make it easy for event participants to find the most relevant sessions, meetings and other interactions.

Press Release: Adventics and Grip announce partnership

Grip partners with adventics to accelerate growth through virtual events and hybrid experiences in DACH markets.

Industry Veteran Wayne Crawford Joins Grip as VP of Account Management

Grip, the leading market engagement platform built to support event professionals, today announced the appointment of Wayne Crawford, CEM as Vice President of Account Management.

Three Top Tips for Driving Meeting Attendance at Virtual Events

Many in the events industry will understand the term, Hosted Buyer Events. These sessions are simply the facilitation of meetings between suppliers and decision-makers in a pre-scheduled fashion during an event, conference, or tradeshow.

#HandshakeDay: Has Covid Killed the Handshake for good?

You might stick out your tongue in Tibet. An air kiss on the cheek in France? Perhaps, the formal but very traditional greeting of putting your hand on your heart in Malaysia.

Post-Covid In-person events will be all about connections. Here is how to do it successfully.

Event organisers need to become market organisers and stop thinking about virtual OR in-person events. Instead, the vision should be virtual AND in-person events.

Topic-based Virtual Speed Networking for fast, meaningful connections

Going beyond the event-wide 3-minute speed networking, set a topic for extra engagement.

Hybrid Experiences Create More Ways to Reach and Connect With Attendees

As hybrid events become a mainstay, Grip’s smart market engagement platform makes connecting easier than ever.

Staying Safe: Checklist for In-Person Events

Event spaces have been empty across the globe due to the Coronavirus pandemic, with delegates staying at home. But as restrictions lift, things are beginning to reopen, and event spaces are opening their doors to in-person events again. So, when you’re able, how will you host your next event safely?

Why Event Organisers need to protect their most valuable asset.

The sudden switch from in-person to online events in 2020 had event organisers scrambling to find new ways to engage and monetise their audiences. Some have been more successful than others, but organisers should now be preparing for hybrid events in 2021.

One year since the first lockdown: How are the Grippers coping?

We are reaching an anniversary that not many of us had foreseen a year ago. When the “stay at home” message became a reality, but the idea of the entire world being in lockdown still sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. As we all entered our first Covid-19 lockdown across the globe, millions of people left their office not knowing when they might return to their desks.

Sell Experiences, not ‘Space’ to monetise Virtual Events

Space, or more specifically, square meters, has been the lifeblood of revenue for most trade show organisers. The larger your booth, the higher the price you pay. The better the location on the trade show floor, the higher the price.

Being a Woman in the Event Industry in 2021

In light of International Women’s Day, we took advantage of speaking with the women of Grip about the challenges that come with being a woman that they have experienced in the past, still notice today, and where we see improvements.

Hybrid Events are Dead; the Future is Hybrid.

Don’t be fooled into thinking hybrid events are a new concept.

Six key takeaways from an events Inspired Mind

Sarah Porter is the founder and CEO of Inspired Minds. Inspired Minds was one of the first events companies to take a large, planned physical event and convert it to an online alternative in light of COVID-19 - and succeeded in making that change with only two week’s notice!

What is a Virtual Hosted Buyer programme?

Click to read the full blog post

Grip Integrates with Glisser: Content & Connections in One Powerful Solution

We are excited to announce that Grip now integrates with Glisser – the all-in-one audience engagement software for events!

Introducing the Grip Virtual Event Solution

The events industry has found itself on the sharp end of Covid-19's effect, with hundreds of events being cancelled or postponed. With these cancellations, organizers are looking towards technology to continue to deliver value to their attendees.

Exhibitors using Grip Teams see 41% increase in lead capture

The launch of Grip Teams earlier in 2019 saw the introduction of the first-ever meeting management solution for real collaboration among exhibiting company’s representatives.

The Importance of Pre-Event Analytics

The benefits of post-event analytics come as common knowledge to event organisers and businesses. The data and insights from previous events have always been used to improve future events.

Important Things to Consider for Hosting B2B Networking Events

Talking to people is a necessary part of our every-day lives, but for various reasons, B2B events can be daunting.. even if the sole purpose is to network!

How to improve your event networking with AI matchmaking

Networking has long been considered one of the best ways for businesses and entrepreneurs to make valuable connections...

How to Host Successful B2B Meetings at Your Event

Having worked with hundreds of events to optimize B2B Meetings we have realized that the question “Where will meetings take place?” is not as simple as it might sound.

This is how we look at Event Insights, Revenue Impact or Network Improvement

With the Grip Matchmaking Solution, we collect a large amount of data about the interest and intent of professionals.

Grip Matchmaking Solution Features Overview

This post gives a full overview of all features available in the Grip Matchmaking Solution inside one of our products

The new Grip iFrame for event websites

5 AI discoveries about event networking we made in 2017

Event networking insights that are obvious to us, are often difficult to learn for a computer that just works in zero's and one's.

AI Matchmaking Misconceptions

You’d be forgiven for thinking that current signals around Artificial Intelligence are mixed.Is it an over-hyped ‘new tech thing’?

6 Event Networking Personalities Every Organizer Should Know About

Any event professional who wants to be at the top of their game has to consistently find ways to revolutionize their attendee’s experience.

Best Event Networking App

A leading global association of tradeshow organizers and the exhibition industry has recognized Grip as one of the top event apps this year.

Four Business Reasons to Provide a Networking App at Your Event

How using an Event Networking App during your event could improve your business.

3 Ways to Get Quality Meetings for Your Hosted Buyers

Hosted buyers are all about efficiency. Discover how you can get the best efficiency out of them

Best B2B Tradeshow App for Business Lead Capture

Top event organizers know that exhibitors sign up for tradeshows for B2B marketing

4 Tech Tools to Increase Event Ticket Sales

Learn 4 quick and easy techniques to boost your event ticket sales.

7 Secrets of Game-Changing Event Networking

As an event organizer, one of the biggest game-changers you can offer at your event is the ability to connect your attendees, exhibitors and delegates in new and meaningful ways.

Business Networking Software for Events

From a networking point of view, it’s important as an organizer to have your attendees and/or exhibitors matched up.

B2B Event Matchmaking Tool for Your Exhibitors

Exhibitors - the lifeblood of a trade show or exhibition. Plenty of attendees, VIP speakers, sponsors, and a sparkling trade program and facilities are great, but exhibitors are key to trade event success.

Networking Solution Guide for Tradeshows, Meetups, and Conferences

Wondering if Grip is right for your event? We go head-to-head with some of the usual event types out there, to see how we match up.

Grip, Set, Match - Grip Wins Big at IMEX Technology Award

IMEXPitch is a competition for event tech startups to showcase themselves to event organizers and marketers from around the world. It's run as part of IMEX America, the US' largest annual meetings industry trade show, featuring the largest hosted buyer program in North America.

Grip Categories for B2B Matchmaking

The Grip Matchmaking Engine uses artificial intelligence to understand the networking objectives of users, and connect them with the most relevant people at your event.

How To Increase Event Ticket Sales with Grip LeadBox

Growing your event ticket sales are the primary goal of an event website. Smart organizers are always looking for ways to improve their website.

Grip's Eventful Year, From Event Networking to Attendee Matchmaking

It's been a busy year at Grip. The event networking app, with its ground-breaking professional matchmaking API, is looking to welcome its 50,000th 'handshake' - when attendees agree to connect with each other - very soon.

5 Reasons to Be Part of Our #EventProf Community

Be a thought leader in your industry. Grip has partnered with Smartup to bring you content from event industry leaders. Smartup is knowledge creation, peer-to-peer microlearning and sharing platform.

How to Network Successfully With Event Networking Technology

Whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned veteran, the introduction of new event networking technology is shaking up the way we network at conferences and meetings.

The Best FREE Event Technology for Meetups and Conferences

Eventbrite is a website event management service. In minutes, you can organize your event, sell tickets, and manage registration for all kinds of events.

Increase Adoption for Your Event Networking App

An Event Networking App is the perfect tool to make your attendees network fast and efficiently. High adoption among attendees is crucial if you want to successfully use an event networking app like Grip at your event.

How to Monetize Your Event Networking App

The Grip App has a great track record when it comes to attendee adoption, with an average of 71% of all the attendees downloading the Grip App, this makes sponsorship for your event networking app increasingly attractive to companies looking for more exposure.

5 Reasons Why an Event Networking App Will Improve Your Event

Discover 5 reasons why using an event networking app will improve your attendees' and your event experience.

Five Event Apps That Will Provide A Great Attendee Experience

At Grip, we are all about Event Networking. We see a lot of event apps and where some reports focus on the “feature list”, we think there is more to it.

World's first artificial intelligence event matchmaking app hits 1 million swipes

Grip, the company which created the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) event networking solution, today announces that swipes on the app’s fun and addictive interface have reached one million.

Event Networking App Made for Attendee Engagement

If you find yourself having difficulty meeting the right people at an event where you may or may not know the other event-goers, you are not alone.

Planning an event?