Business Networking Software for Events

From a networking point of view, it’s important as an organizer to have your attendees and/or exhibitors matched up.

Dahlia El Gazzar

How does Grip match your conference or trade event’s networking challenges, the way other networking apps can’t?

From a networking point of view, it’s important as an organizer to have your attendees and/or exhibitors matched up. That’s why they’re coming to the event - to make new connections, and capture new business leads. So there’s plenty of pre-event work for organizers, who have to get through thousands of registrant’s names, often manually matching them for relevance.See our Event Networking solution guide hereWith Grip, the pre-event work is minimized. We take LinkedIn or Facebook data from registrants when they sign in, and their information given at the point of registration, and our Artificial Intelligence recommends an initial list of contacts for delegates to meet.Up to and on the day of the event, things inevitably change. Exhibitors, speakers, attendees have to be managed and kept up-to-date on who’s attending, who has moved location, who’s speaking at a different time or place. Exhibitors may launch new products on the day, that they’ll want to find new kinds of customers for.But lots of changes to the agenda don’t faze us. Grip offers real time professional matchmaking as part of the event networking process. Our event technology solution uses Artificial Intelligence to learn from the interactions attendees make with the app, before and during the event, to improve our recommendations.This means that attendees could turn up on Day 1, make a few successful connections (“Handshakes”) with exhibitors, and indicate they’re ‘not interested’ in other connections. By Days 2 and 3 (or less), they could have a different set of recommendations. Happy attendees and exhibitors!Grip’s API easily integrates with almost any existing in-house event technology, or a fixed provider. We’ve programmed ourselves to be hugely flexible, very plug-and-play.After the event, Grip lets exhibitors see, at a glance, the sections of industry that their sales teams have made the best connections with, making follow-up revenue-generation that much easier.We take the business networking platform a smart step up, by offering real-time networking, and the best of B2B matchmaking and event scheduling software underpinned by game-changing Artificial Intelligence.Find out more about how Grip can match your challenge here.

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