#Handshake with Grip's CTO - Artificial Intelligence for Event Networking Success

Meet and read our interview with our CTO, Ivan Lian

Dahlia El Gazzar

“WHAT DOES Artificial Intelligence (AI) mean for event management and organizing a successful event? Can we trust AI to make the right decisions for us?These were a couple of the issues raised at Confex recently. The event management industry is catching up to how to use AI to optimize business processes to increase customer engagement and revenue.But beyond the hype and soundbites, it’s important that AI helps get the job done, and isn’t there because it sounds good or looks flashy. Happily, Grip is well-positioned to make this happen. We take our Artificial Intelligence very seriously. It’s what differentiates us from other event networking software out there, because it’s key to us helping events and tradeshows get smarter about B2B networking. What does that mean in real life? As an event professional, on a day-to-day basis, you could think of Grip as an intelligent virtual personal assistant, orientating and scheduling you through a range of business matchmaking leads - before, during, and after - a bustling trade event.For event organizers and event sponsors, Grip’s Artificial Intelligence helps facilitate the right professional connections - that otherwise may not have happened. Pre-event, we recommend and let you book business meetings, then make more business lead recommendations - in real time - during the event. Post-event, we help provide detailed insights into which kind of networking links worked best for event attendees. We can make predictions about planned events, and provide data-driven recommendations about potential event sponsorship deals.That comes from Artificial Intelligence, analyzing natural language and user intents and preferences. It’s a rapidly developing field, and the engineering team and I are excited to be crafting our AI engine to work in the events industry domain. Day-to-day, it means the challenge of interpreting app usage patterns, sifting through the data and picking the right signals to understand customer behavior that is right for, or unique to, the event or industry. The way I see it, Artificial Intelligence can only help make events more rewarding and productive experiences for all involved, and we at Grip are at the forefront of making that happen.” --- Ivan Lian, Chief Technology Officer at Grip, spoke at Confex Olympia 2017 on “Artificial Intelligence, Understanding Customer Behavior to Drive your Business Forward”.

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