Product Releases Notes: 21st May 2021

We’re pleased to announce the product updates from 26th May 2021 in our latest product release notes. For further information on any of the points below, please contact your Grip representative.

Improvements & New Features: Participants 👯

1. Instant Meeting Improvements

We wanted users to be alerted to instant meeting requests, even when they're on a different tab!

Users will now hear a short ringing tone when they receive an instant meeting request

By default the ringtone will sound, but users can choose to mute individual calls or turn notifications off by default in the Manage Notifications section

Available To: All users
Release Type: Automatic
Release Date: 28th May 2021

2. Event Agenda & My Schedule Improvements

We wanted to make it even easier for users to find the best sessions and help them control their agendas.

  • Users will now be able to search for keywords in session titles and descriptions in the Event Agenda page
  • You can now also use multiple filters at the same time 
  • These filters and search parameters will be added to the URL, so you can use these to create even more specific navigation items

As an event participant you can use the search bar and multiple filters to more quickly find the right session for you

Available To: All users, standard
Release Type: Standard
Release Date: 26th May 2021

3. Improved UX when user leave Speed Networking meetings early

Speed networking meetings will end automatically if one of the users leaves early or doesn't join the meeting after the match is created.

To improve UX on speed networking meetings.

Available To: All Users, standard
Release Type: Standard
Release Date: 28th May 2021

4. Auto-adding Speed Networking sessions to schedule

Users that join speed networking session will get the session automatically added to their schedules. This means that everyone who participates in a speed networking session will be visible in the Attendee List. (NB - there is still work ongoing to improve Speed Networking analytics and tracking. Keep your eyes peeled!)

This way, event organisers will be able to see a list of all Speed Networking participants and people who added the session to their schedule through an existing attendee list functionality in the dashboard.

Available To: All Users, standard
Release Type: Standard
Release Date: 28th May 2021

5. Label on HB meetings

Hosted buyer meetings will be displayed with a 'Prescheduled' label in the 'Event Agenda' and 'My Schedule'.

So that users can easily differentiate between prescheduled and free-flow meetings.

Available To: All Users, standard
Release Type: Optional setting - by default will be turned on for each session, but can be turned off.
Release Date: 28th May 2021

Improvements & New Features: Organisers 💼

7. Ability to reset a user's meeting availability

A dashboard user can a user's meeting availability calendar

Why? There are issues in the system that mean some changes to meeting length and settings can cause bugs that require dev input. This change allows admin users to reset the availability themselves so they can more quickly help customers.

Available To: Everybody
Release Type: Automatic, All
Release Date: 26th May 2021

8. Toggle to allow meeting reminder emails for hosted buyer meetings

A dashboard user for a Hosted Buyer event can switch a toggle to send out emails to meeting attendees 10 minutes before the meeting begins

Why? This functionality exists for regular meetings, this adds parity for the hosted buyer experience

Available To: Hosted Buyers Events
Release Type: Automatic, All
Release Date: 26th May 2021

Bugs & Fixes 🐞

Fixed: App sponsor image is not shown (iOS and Android)Fixed: Unable to request a meeting because of 'Meeting time in the past' error (iOS)

Fixed: Badge scanning navigation items displayed with the wrong item titles (iOS)Fixed: 'My schedule' home-feed block opens Event agenda instead of my schedule (iOS and Android)

Fixed: Empty string messages caused by instant video calls (iOS and Android)

Fixed: Meeting status tags not showing in 'My Schedule' (iOS)

Fixed: 'Re-schedule' button displayed even when a user is not a meeting organiser in a multi-user meeting (Android)

Fixed: Issue with adding extra users to already accepted multi-user meetings at an event

Fixed: Emails not sending out to full segment due to issue with segment filters

Fixed: Issue with booking meetings at Virtual locations in a hybrid event

Fixed: Availability calendar not loading for users in an event

Fixed: Availability calendar in Teams not loading for users in an event

Fixed: Users being unable to amend their availability calendar

Fixed: H2H data import caching issue

Fixed: Inability to give feedback on meetings if no future meeting locations available

Fixed: 'Watch Recording' button appearing on sessions with no recording attached to them

Fixed: Some users within an event not being able to edit their metadata through the front end

Fixed: Outdated endpoint causing wrong data type label to be displayed in edit profile section

Fixed: Team meetings not showing in alphabetical order

Fixed: Meeting Exports not showing the correct number

Fixed: Incorrect stats for the Session Added to Schedule vs Session Attended graph which were not showing correct numbers (Advance Insights Session Engagement Panel)

Fixed: Incorrect stats Started Viewing via session page and viewing via mainstage (Advance Insights Session Engagement Panel)

Fixed: Incorrect stats Number of Users that attended the session at least once (Advance Insights Session Engagement Panel)

Fixed: Incorrect stats Breakdown graph that shows users that engaged in session and did not engage in session (Advance Insights Session Engagement Panel)

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