3, 2, 1 Liftoff! Give your in-person event a boost with matchmaking and networking

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For a long time, it seemed like in-person events were destined to be stuck on the launchpad. But now, with the pandemic easing, we’re seeing more in-person events being scheduled and attendance levels going through the stratosphere! 

Watch Hew Leith, VP of marketing at Grip, as he charts an interstellar journey to a planet where every event organiser uses matchmaking and networking at their events.

We will cover:

  • The benefits of facilitating meetings at your in-person event for attendees, sponsors and exhibitors
  • How in-person events can be much more than just a string of speaker sessions
  • What’s needed to implement an effective meeting strategy at your in-person event 
  • Real-life examples of how brands like Clarion Events and Reed Exhibitions are leveraging a smart ‘meeting strategy’ at their in-person events
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Hew Leith