Hybrid: a strategy, not an event type

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63% of event organisers admitted not having a clear hybrid event strategy, according to Grip’s most recent customer survey. Then when asked why they are running hybrid events, the vast majority responded: “Because other event organisers are also doing it.” 
Clearly, there's an immediate need to define what hybrid events actually are. But what if we told you hybrid is not an event type, it's a strategy?
Having organized hybrid events with some of the largest trade show organisers in the world, Grip wants to help shed some light on how the best are using Hybrid as a strategy. Watch this webinar for 30 minutes of fast-paced facts and insights based on new research. Tim Groot, Founder & CEO of Grip, explains how to capitalise on virtual and in-person events for maximum return and how to create a future proof hybrid strategy.

We will cover:

  • Why hybrid is a strategy and not an event type
  • How virtual and in-person events fulfil attendee and exhibitor objectives 
  • Steps to start executing on your hybrid event strategy 
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Tim Groot