Just like Magic: How to Make Event Revenue Appear with Digital Packages

A visual about hybrid and virtual events on the Grip platform, with a chat message box and display of the platform functionalities

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Pulling a rabbit out of a hat; a classic magic trick which turns nothing into something.

Today, the smartest event organizers are missing a trick like this. They are losing out on thousands in revenue by not offering sponsors and exhibitors the full suite of digital packages for their in-person, virtual and hybrid events.

Join Hew Leith, VIP of Marketing of Grip, for this exclusive webinar as featured in our leadership roundtable series.

You will learn how the world’s leading event organizers are generating substantial new revenue opportunities by:

  • Packaging and pricing digital offerings in creative ways to increase event revenue growth
  • Personalizing digital packages to maximise revenue
  • Providing smart event app notifications to drive lead generation for sponsors and exhibitors
  • Leveraging new event formats, optimized for revenue
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Hew Leith