Unlocking the power of networking: strategies for event organizers to drive engagement and ROI through connections

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Networking at events can build communities, create partnerships, grow businesses and careers. It allows for idea exchange and constructive discussions that can lead to real industry innovation. Providing ample space and time for meaningful conversations at your events can encourage guests to stay longer and make lasting connections that will benefit them long after the event ends. But is it as simple as setting aside an hour in the event program, adding a few high tables, nibbles, and drinks and leaving it up to your guests to do the rest?This panel discussion is aimed at event organizers looking to improve the value of networking.Our experts will share their experiences and strategies for creating a networking environment that is both effective and enjoyable for attendees. We’ll be discussing trends and best practices in networking event design, including the use of technology, interactive activities, and networking tools, sharing tips so you can help your delegates get the most out of networking opportunities. The panel will also touch on balancing inclusivity and exclusivity when it comes to networking events, and measuring the success of your networking. Plus we’ll talk about using networking to drive sponsorship sales.Join us and give your networking sessions a glow up for 2023!

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