4 Tech Tools to Increase Event Ticket Sales

4 Tech Tools to Increase Event Ticket Sales
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  • EventBrite (Free for Free Events)

Casual event goers often look at Eventbrite as a repository of events. Eventbrite tools allow you to post an event in minutes and manage everything from ticket registration, sales, event description and location, to marketing the event, all from a single dashboard.Easily track progress over ticket sales, and see your best-performing selling channels. Eventbrite lets you promote your event and also create affiliate programmes.

  • Showcase Your Attendees and Speakers with Grip Leadbox

Using Grip LeadBox, you can easily showcase your attendees and speakers. Grip LeadBox not only has the benefit of showcasing your attendees and speakers but will also generate leads. Your website visitors will get a tailored experience even before purchasing a ticket by accessing recommendation of attendees to meet at your event. For website visitors to see attendees to meet at your event they will have to enter their email address.With the email address collected the event organizer will be able to retarget website visitors if they have not converted. Grip LeadBox is free for free events, nonprofit events, charity events and it is also compatible with every website using simple lines of code.Showcasing your attendees and speakers has multiple benefits it helps attendees to find who they could be meeting at an event giving them an extra incentive to go to your event. Event organizers know the importance that networking plays at events.

  • Give Attendees the Opportunity to Connect with Others Before the Event with the Grip Matchmaking Platform

Giving attendees the chance to connect before the event can create a word-of-mouth buzz about the event. Attendees will be more inclined to tell colleagues, friends and peers about the event if they made relevant connections before it. This has multiple benefits - increasing attendees engagement and satisfaction and ultimately increasing ticket sales. Grip’s networking platform helps event organizers to do just that, with its state of the art matchmaking engine powered by Artificial Intelligence.The AI works seamlessly in the background, recommending who attendees should meet according to their preferences.

  • Sell More Tickets with Segmenting in Grip LeadBox Dashboard

The Grip dashboard lets you understand which groups of attendees convert the most, and adjust your promotion accordingly to better target your best converting groups. Most importantly, with our dashboard, you can identify which groups of people came to your website without converting, enabling your marketing team to identify flaws and increasing business opportunities, essentially growing the event. Using the collected leads and segmentation statistics from your LeadBox dashboard, you will be able to re-target your website visitors into attendees. With the data collected, it will be easy for you to create targeted messages to convert website visitors into attendees.