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Fully featured
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Create more opportunities for networking and meeting scheduling with our powerful, fully-featured white label mobile trade show app


Maximize event engagement. The best mobile app for your events

Customize and monetize your mobile app for events, whilst adding extra value to participants. Increase event revenue and your NPS.


Increase exhibitor revenue with sponsorship and monetization


Use notifications to drive behaviors that improve your event


Reduce overheads with digital directories and interactive floor plans

Transform your exhibitions and trade shows with Grip's mobile event app

Event networking within the trade show app

Effortlessly network and connect with other attendees on the go with our trade show app's chat and meeting scheduling features
  • AI-powered meeting recommendations
  • Meeting scheduling with just a few taps
  • Instantly chat with connections
  • Reminders and push notifications
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Grip's conference program and event agenda feature in the mobile app

Interactive event agenda and schedules

A convenient and interactive conference program to boost your event engagement. It allows participants to search and schedule sessions, then add them to their personal calendars
  • AI-powered session recommendations
  • Customizable filters for locations, streams and session tags
  • Invitation only and hidden sessions dependent on participant type
  • Embed audience participation tools such as Slido and Conferences.io

Interactive agenda

A convenient and interactive event program allows participants to search and schedule sessions to their personal calendars.
  • AI-powered session recommendations
  • Customizable filters for locations, streams, and even session tags
  • session reminders
Grip's networking app

Trade show directories and listings

Grip allows you to fully digitize your event collateral, improving your event's carbon footprint
  • Find what you need quickly and easily with participant, company and product / service directories
  • Customizable filters for custom profile fields
  • Premium sponsorship that includes highlighted profiles and labels
  • Integrated badge scanning capabilities
Grip's exhibitor listings and event directory in the networking app image
Event floor plan and venue map in the event app image

Trade show floor plans and wayfinding

Improve your event participant experience with interactive maps that help people get where they need to be, fast
  • Indoor and outdoor mapping
  • Multi-level floor plans
  • 'Blue dot' navigation
  • Premium sponsorship options for highlighted locations

Floor plans and wayfinding

Improve your in-person participant experience with interactive maps that help people get where they need to be, fast
  • Multi-level floor plans
  • 'Blue dot' navigation using beacons and GPS
  • Indoor and outdoor mapping
  • Premium sponsorship options to highlight locations
Interactive event floor plan in the mobile exhibition app

Why choose Grip as your event networking app?

Take your in-person, hybrid or virtual events to the next level with Grip's mobile event app. With all the power of Grip's industry-leading AI technology, your participants will benefit from the convenience and improved event experience it brings.
Customizable branded event app
Customize the event networking app

Fully branded mobile event app

With white labeling to support your brand, you can create different homepage views for all your participant types.
Event matchmaking and recommendations image

AI-powered matchmaking

Grip generates personalized recommendations for event attendees thanks to powerful AI and machine learning technologies. Over 15 different strategies are deployed simultaneously to create these recommendations.
Lead retrieval in the trade show app image

Badge scanning for trade shows

Allow suppliers to scan badges, score leads, and add personal notes for more effective follow up. Monetize the badge scanning feature to increase event revenue.
Event chat in the exhibition app image

Instant chat for event networking

Facilitate meaningful connections with our instant chat feature, which allows participants to have conversations and build relationships before, during, and after the event.

Supported with a fully featured event app

Bring meeting schedules to the in-person event in an easy access, fully-featured event app with private messaging, event agenda and interactive floor plans.
Lightbulb to illustrate the customization of the app

Fully branded

With white labeling to support your brand, you can create different homepage views for suppliers and attendees.
Instant chat in the mobile app for event networking

Instant chat messaging

Allow connected participants to chat one-to-one within the app to break the ice ahead of their meetings.
Interactive event floor plan and map

Floor plans and way finding

Make meetings unmissable with interactive floor plans to help participants navigate the event, inside and outside on multiple floors.
Notifications in the app

Reminders and push

With meeting reminders and push notifications, your participants won't miss important meetings, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

We really need to have a matchmaking platform. I don't want to imagine doing the event manually!

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Morgane Horellou
Digital Product Manager at RX France

The best event attendee app for networking and engagement

For your in-person, hybrid or virtual events, Grip's event app will give your attendees a memorable experience while supporting your event goals and KPIs. From private messaging to interactive floor plans and much more. Increase attendee engagement and give your event another dimension.
Event branding in customized app

White label mobile app

Built using your brand assets and guidelines, your trade show app can be as unique as your events
Event app home feed

Customizable home feeds

Customize the experience for different participant types at your event with a homepage tailored with relevant and useful information
Instant chat for event attendees

Instant chat participant messaging

Allow mutually interested connections to instantly chat one-to-one before, during and after your event
Ai recommendations and matchmaking

AI-powered recommendations

Connect event attendees with Grip's powerful AI and machine learning technologies, which generate personalized recommendations using over 15 different strategies
Event meeting scheduling

Automated meeting scheduling

With Grip MustMeet, meetings can be scheduled across, and up to 8 consecutive days throughout your event, and the timetable is fully customizable to your event program
Push notifications

Reminders and push notifications

Schedule push notifications for meetings, event highlights and session reminders for participants to ensure nothing is missed
Event program

Interactive event agenda

Showcase your full event program, making it filterable and searchable by date, location, track or tag. Includes private tracks to allow for better monetization of ticket types
Participant directory and attendee list

Filterable event directories

Participant directories, and company and product listings can be filtered and searched, making it easy to find who or what’s needed
Event floor plan

Dynamic floor plans & way-finding

Supporting multi-floor event venues, both indoors and outdoors, our dynamic floor plans and ‘blue-dot’ way-finding makes navigating your trade show easy
Event app sponsorship

Sponsorship and monetization

Add more value to your exhibitors with high quality sponsorship opportunities across the mobile event app. Increase revenue by monetizing tiers of participation
Event badge scanning

Badge scanning

Enable exhibitors to use the Grip app to scan badges and collect leads, going directly into their exhibitor portal, Grip Teams
Lead notes and scoring

Lead notes and scoring

Exhibitors and sponsors can score and note leads within the platform to ensure their whole team is clear on next steps and actions


Does Grip’s native event app work offline?
Participants will be able to view the event agenda and their personal schedule, open session details, see their list of chats and connections (but not interact with them), access interactive floor-plans as well as scan badges (scans will be stored locally until the connection is restored).
Can you make revenue from the mobile app?
Yes! Grip’s attendee app and platform offer loads of opportunities for sponsorship and monetization. Find out more here.
What are some tips for effective networking and event app design?

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