AI-Powered event matchmaking

More valuable events with smarter matchmaking

Strong relationships build strong businesses.

That’s why Grip’s AI event matchmaking uses billions of interactions happening across the platform, 16 machine learning algorithms and an award winning mobile event app to deliver over 70m recommendations each year.

All of this enables organizers like SXSW, Clarion and RX to connect their participants so they can form business relationships and create more opportunities, taking their businesses to the next level.

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“Grip allows us to create platforms for our exhibitors and visitors to meet, interact and conduct business.”

Kivanc Ugur
Country Marketing Director at ICA Events

Spark more business relationships at your events

Business matchmaking

Create the perfect match for meaningful meetings

97% of organizers want to increase the number of valuable connections happening at their events.

Rather than leaving these connections to chance, event matchmaking software analyzes attendee data to find the best possible matches.

Grip’s AI event matchmaking uses over 16 different algorithms to find the perfect meeting match-ups based on attendee preferences and behaviors.

The AI collects interaction data with every click, view and connection made, leading to even more relevant recommendations.

Watch the video to learn which participant questions deliver the best matchmaking results.
Data-driven participant acquisition

Supercharge your matchmaking by identifying the right participants

Grip helps you get the right people in the room before the event begins. This ensures your matchmaking is accurate, delivering an unparalleled participant experience and a reduction in churn.

Start answering the question: “Are the right people going to be there?” ahead of your event with our AI-powered insights.

Create advanced graphs that help you understand whether the right mix of attendees and companies (e.g. buyers and suppliers) are present at your event with actionable steps on how to improve your networking mix for every event format.

Matchmaking via Grip’s mobile event app

Networking in the palm of your hand

Grip’s powerful matchmaking comes into its own when paired with the award-winning Event App.

The behavioral data from the app (e.g. sessions or participants viewed) is fed into the machine learning algorithms to enable better matches.

Plus participants can view details for their next meeting, navigate the venue to find their meeting location, chat with connections, get real-time updates of any changes and sync their meeting schedule with their personal calendars.

With Grip’s mobile app, your attendees get the world’s best event networking hub right at their fingertips.

Matchmaking for pre-scheduled meetings

Focus on making connections, not juggling calendars

Trying to find the right time for a meeting that suits everyone can sometimes feel impossible, a never-ending back and forth of checking diaries before you eventually give up.

Avoid the headache and help event participants make the most of every second at your event, automatically filling participants’ diaries with high-quality meetings.

MustMeet, Grip’s automated meeting scheduler, streamlines the scheduling process, reducing the workload by 95% — without needing to even look at a spreadsheet or a post-it note!

Choose from one-to-one or one-to-many meeting formats, with easy manual adjustments organizers can make to facilitate even more successful meetings.

How it works

1. Learn

Grip’s AI learns by taking data from the whole participant journey. This includes answers provided by participants at various stages (e.g. at registration and/or onboarding).

Unlike competitors, Grip uses data from actions and behaviors that participants - and others like them - take in the platform (e.g. searching for a company or adding a session to their schedule).

2. Recommend

As soon as participants log into Grip’s Event App, the AI begins recommending who they should meet. They select ‘Interested’ or ‘Skip’ on various profiles, which further trains Grip’s machine learning algorithms.

If you’re running pre-scheduled events, Grip’s MustMeet platform will provide organizers with a meeting schedule of recommended meetings.

3. Meet

Grip’s event app automatically allocates a date, time, location and even puts it in your participants’ calendars.

Meetings are then rated by attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, which provides data to improve future recommendations for participants, and others like them.

This results in a better event experience for all your participants.

Award winning business matchmaking


Participants connected
via Grip
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Increase in meetings for Clarion Events
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Meetings booked before the MIP Cancun event even started
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Key features for better business matchmaking


Enable attendees to filter and search through participant, company and product directories so they can find exactly what they’re looking for

Calendar integrations

Grip seamlessly connects with other apps so scheduled meetings sync directly to users’ native calendars


Participants can instantly rate meetings with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down, enabling you to collect valuable real-time feedback. This also improves future recommendations


Exhibitors can score leads and record notes within the platform, allowing them to follow up with potential customers more effectively

Analyze meeting results

Dive into the data by analyzing your meeting results. Use Grip Pulse to inform your future event strategy

Detailed permissions

Manage your process with configurable permissions by data type for networking, meetings, available sessions and features

Advanced recommendations

Alongside people to meet, Grip’s AI also recommends relevant sessions, companies and products, helping connect ideas and create opportunities
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Grip’s expert team is always on hand to provide support and guidance, including, implementation, training and custom solutions

“We really need to have a matchmaking platform. I don't want to imagine doing the event manually!”

Morgane Horellou
Digital Product Manager at RX France
Inside Grip’s artificial intelligence

The science behind smarter matchmaking

Every participant is unique, so why would you treat them all the same? Grip's AI event matchmaking uses 70 million data points plus 16 different strategies simultaneously to find personalized matches and deliver optimal recommendations. New recommendations are generated instantly, ensuring your participants find their perfect match at your event.

Deep neural network architecture

Grip’s event networking technology uses a host of AI deep learning strategies, far beyond simple tags. Our matchmaking engines use information such as summaries, descriptions, actions and more to deliver advanced recommendations.

Swipe right for improved business matchmaking

Grip recommends people based on mutual interest, just like a dating app. It’s not just about who someone wants to meet — it’s about who wants to meet them too. Grip delivers meaningful connections, not just leads.

Explicit and implicit preference matching

Grip’s content and collaborative filtering take into account both what participants explicitly say and how they (and people like them) implicitly behave. Recommendations are then adapted for greater accuracy and ultimate personalization.

Dedicated data

AI is evolving rapidly. Grip employs a team of data scientists who continually improve and adapt Grip’s AI strategies in line with the latest trends and techniques.

Make business relationships happen

Grip’s AI event matchmaking provides you with all the tools needed to increase event engagement, create stronger business relationships and run industry-leading events.

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Event matchmaking: frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How does AI matchmaking work?
Our advanced AI uses over 16 different strategies like machine learning, content filtering and many others to analyze attendee profiles, interests and behaviors.

The algorithm then generates personalized recommendations for who to meet, what sessions to attend and companies/products to explore based on attendees’ objectives.
How accurate are the AI recommendations?
The AI matchmaking is designed to generate the best possible recommendations using a variety of advanced strategies (see above). Grip’s algorithms provide 300% better than "base" recommendations, way ahead of our competitors.

The recommendations get even smarter over time as more data is collected from attendees’ actions and interests. Data from recurring events on Grip carry over, improving matches with every event. You can also manually provide feedback to refine suggestions further.
Can attendees schedule meetings in advance?
Yes, you can open up bookings before the event starts. For example, at MIP Cancun, 2,418 meetings were scheduled before attendees even set foot in the venue.

Pre-scheduled meetings allow both exhibitors and participants to plan their day, increasing their confidence that they’ll enjoy value-packed meetings throughout the event.
What questions should I ask for the best business matchmaking at my events
That’s a good question! We’ve shot this video to help organizers ask questions that lead to valuable relationships being established and maintained at their events.
Will Grip work with my existing event tech stack?
Yes. At Grip we believe a best-in-class solution is better than a generalized all-in-one app. As a result, we’ve developed over 50 native integrations with the most popular event management tools, so you can seamlessly share information between different platforms using our Native Integrations wizard.
What support do you offer?
Our team works alongside you to provide guidance, support and service at the level you need. Grip provides support for:
Solution design
Platform training
In addition, the Grip dashboard includes handy step-by-step guides and explainer videos to support your team.