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Digitize your conference program

Your packed conference program needs to be simple to navigate. You’ve brought together some incredible speakers, so making sure your conference attendees don’t miss them is essential to conference success. Perhaps you have tracks, streams, and private sessions accessible to only certain ticket types. Managing attendee permissions at your conference will be vital. 

Grip’s conference app allows you to fully digitize your event program. With unlimited filters and advanced search, your attendees can add the sessions they want to attend to their personal schedules. There are session and meeting reminders, and push notifications for your important announcements. Grip’s mobile event app is easier to carry than a printed program and reduces conference waste, too.

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AI-powered conference networking

With your conference program being the main focus of your events, networking has to be highly targeted in the limited time available. A refreshment table can be a great place for discussions to start, but why rely on chance encounters? Your industry’s advancement is just a conversation away so connecting the right people might just change the world.

Grip’s event platform and mobile app offer tools to help connect your participants. Grip’s AI algorithms maximize opportunities for peer learning and fruitful discussion. Matchmaking, recommendations of who to meet and easy meeting scheduling will help foster business relationships at your event. With Grip, your conference community can grow their ideas together.

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Transform your events with better business relationships

Increase NPS and retention

Attending a conference can be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time. With packed programs of keynotes, round tables, workshops and breakout sessions, it can be easy to miss the things that matter. A smooth attendee journey is crucial to ensure repeat attendance. Being part of a community of like-minded professionals will make next year’s conference essential. 

Grip integrates with over 50 event management platforms such as Cvent, Swoogo and Visit to make onboarding attendees a breeze. Grip’s advanced AI algorithms guide your conference attendees through session recommendations and participant matchmaking. Building your participants’ networks will create a sense of community, inclusion and connection that travels from event to event.

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White label conference app

Getting an event app is easy. Getting one that people want to use is harder. Grip works with conferences of all shapes and sizes; let our experienced team guide you in building the perfect app. You can even create different experiences for each of your ticket types. With features designed specifically for the conference experience, your app becomes an event essential.
Interactive conference programs and personal schedules
AI-powered matchmaking and session recommendations
Customizable homefeeds per ticket type
Filterable attendee listings
Meeting scheduling and instant chat
Searchable sponsor and product directories
Sponsorship and branding
Interactive floor plans and blue-dot navigation
Integrated badge scanning
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Turn your conference attendees into participants

Your conference attendees can access educational content online all the time, so why should they attend your event to learn? Deeper engagement with conference content is what makes in-person attendance so unique. The opportunity to interact with your world-leading keynote speakers live is invaluable. 

With personalized session recommendations on Grip your participants can curate their own perfect conference experience. They can add sessions and meetings to their personal schedules and interact with speakers live, using Q&A and polling tools built in. 

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Drive revenue from conference sponsorship

Your conference sponsors want leads and brand awareness from your highly targeted audience. You need to maximize revenue from your events. Grip offers a wide variety of digital sponsorship options and platform branding opportunities. Using custom groups for sponsor types, you can monetize the entire event platform.  
Banner ads
Top of listings
Sidebar ads
Email footers
Targeted notifications
Featured sponsors
Tiered sponsor permissions
Session sponsorship
Headline sponsor options
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Grow your in-person, virtual or hybrid events today

Whether you want to increase participant engagement, lower churn or boost revenues, Grip has all the tools you need.

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