Streamline pre-scheduling meetings using hosted buyer software

Maximize valuable meetings for suppliers and incentivize hosted buyers. Industry-leading events use Grip’s world-class hosted huyer platform to deliver participant matchmaking with a powerful meeting scheduler.

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Guarantee return on investment for suppliers

Finding the right buyers at events can be challenging for suppliers. With plenty of competition vying for attention and time being limited, every conversation needs to count. Hosted Buyer events allow suppliers to access pre-qualified, hand-picked buyers with real purchasing power. Receiving a diary full of meetings in advance, suppliers can really maximize their time at your events. 

Grip’s hosted buyer software streamlines meeting arrangement, allowing suppliers to focus on building relationships. Using advanced artificial intelligence, they receive recommendations of who to meet, saving time sifting through participant lists. Using Grip’s automated meeting scheduler, supplier diaries are filled and amended at the click of a button, maximizing their ROI.

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Deliver relevant meetings to hosted buyers

Attracting high quality buyers to your hosted buyer event is a must. Busy VIPs require full diaries to maximize business outcomes with limited time. Appointments need to be personalized and conversations relevant. Above all, buyer preferences need to be carefully considered to leave them satisfied, having transformed their businesses with facilitated meetings that support their growth. 

Grip’s hosted buyer software automates personalized schedules, saving your buyers time spent hunting for suppliers that deliver on their unique objectives. With simple preferences shared in advance, Grip’s world-leading matchmaking algorithms deliver the best possible outcomes. Organizers can relax, knowing that Grip's hosted buyer platform will deliver diaries optimized for meetings to satisfy their buyers' unique business needs.

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How RX France's event organizers delighted attendees and hit an all-time NPS record

Learn how the team at RX France used Grip to seamlessly connect buyers and suppliers at their flagship film & TV hosted buyer event.
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Generate event revenue and growth

The value of adding pre-scheduled meetings to your event is manifold. Diaries filled with high quality meetings will encourage VIPs to attend. Increasing return on investment for your suppliers will improve retention. Productive conversations will no longer be left to chance. A structured meeting program can easily be bolted onto an existing event to drive extra revenue.

Grip’s tried and tested MustMeet technology takes the stress out of organizing a hosted buyer program. It automatically matches participants and generates appointment schedules for fully facilitated meetings. Grip's hosted buyer platform offers loads of additional sponsorship opportunities. Plus, you can monetize tiers of participation; bundling and selling meeting packages.

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Hosted buyer event app

Adding a mobile app to your hosted buyer event makes attendance easier for everyone. With interactive event agendas, participant listings and company directories all the important info is at their fingertips. It can even add a new sponsorship revenue stream to your events. Getting from meeting to meeting in large venues is easy with interactive floor plans and wayfinding.
Meeting schedules with reminders
Meeting ratings & feedback
Event agendas and session Q&A
Directories and listings
Badge scanning 
Lead management
Floor plans and blue dot navigation
Instant schedule updates 
No more printing diaries!
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Complete control to create great schedules every time

Delivering the perfect hosted buyer event requires complete control of finely tuned schedules. Satisfying both buyers and suppliers can be tricky and takes careful management. Last minute drop outs can create a rescheduling nightmare. Every event is unique and only YOU know the secret sauce that will deliver the meeting quality your participants expect.

Automated meeting scheduling takes the stress out of diary planning. Grip’s advanced hosted buyer software gives you unparalleled management that includes weighting preferences, preference limits, and granular event ‘stage’ control. The meeting scoring feature also gives you advanced insight into projected participant satisfaction. 

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White glove concierge service

Managing a hosted buyer program can take a lot of time and effort. With strict deadlines for the stages of delivery, chasing buyers and suppliers to complete tasks can be painful. Our experienced and professional team of experts can deliver the entire hosted buyer program on your behalf. Working closely with internal stakeholders, your hosted buyer event can be meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.
Personal communication with each participant
15 minute private tutorials for buyers
Professional assistance with meeting requests & follow ups
Regular updates and reports to the organizing team
Full onsite management of facilitated meeting programs
Telephone and text messages for no-shows and late arrivals
Tailored feedback surveys 
Full event debrief including recommendations
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Grow your in-person, virtual or hybrid events today

Whether you want to increase participant engagement, lower churn or boost revenues, Grip has all the tools you need.

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