Event lead retrieval

Generate more onsite leads for your exhibitors and sponsors

In-person Face-to-face connections are the heart and soul of in-person events. With Grip’s event badge scanning solution, you’ll continue benefiting from those connections long after the event ends.

Use badge scans and leads from those scans to demonstrate exhibitor ROI, showcase attendee quality and uncover fresh insights to improve future events.

Discover how event organizers like SXSW, Messe Frankfurt and RX use Grip’s lead retrieval software to make the most of every connection.

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"Being able to just scan a badge and get all the information that you want, then make notes about the lead and rate them is important to the exhibitors.”

Flyn Roberts
Director for Consumer Goods at
Messe Frankfurt Middle EastPortfolio

Event badge scanning for attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and organizers

Lead retrieval for exhibitors

Demonstrate the value with event badge scanning

Smart exhibitors know events are a worthwhile investment, but can often take a large chunk of their marketing budget. With finite resources, every event must bring a solid return on that investment. 

Grip’s advanced badge scanning functionality, accessed via Grip’s Event App, enables exhibitors to easily manage every lead they interact with at your show. Once scanned, they can add notes, score them and share details with colleagues for improved collaboration and real-time lead quality feedback.

Once the event’s over, exhibitors can export their lead details and interactions, streamlining post-event follow-ups and conversions.

Contact exchange for participants

Effortless networking for more meaningful connections

97% of organizers want to increase the number of valuable connections at their events. 

Grip’s conference badge scanning feature simplifies the event networking process, allowing participants to instantly share their details with other attendees and build business relationships. 

Participants can easily export their connections at any time, both during and after the event thanks to Grip’s fully-featured event networking solutions.

Session check-in for organizers and sponsors

Showcase which attendees attended sponsored sessions

Grip’s Session Check-in feature allows you to scan attendees’ badges as they enter a session, using Grip’s conference app. If it’s a sponsored session, each checked-in attendee will appear as an inbound lead in your sponsor’s dashboard. This enables your sponsor to follow up with additional information, or the chance to book a meeting. 

As an organizer, this gives another great opportunity to demonstrate significant sponsor ROI by showcasing the number of inbound leads generated at your event.

Grip also provides organizers detailed analytics on session check-in via Pulse, Grip’s powerful insights tool.

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How it works for your exhibitors

1. Scan

Instantly scan one or more badges straight from the mobile event app home page.

2. Enrich

Score the lead, add additional notes and share them with the wider sales and marketing team.

3. Analyze

Review all leads in the event portal, then export and start following-up.

Pulse insights

Event intelligence designed to fuel growth

Scanning is just the start — Grip Pulse gives you x-ray vision into participant behavior with in-depth insights. Analyze scans across badge categories (e.g. roles, companies, etc.), identify your most popular sessions and visualize engagement flows with Sankey diagrams. 

Need custom graphs or reports? Just let us know what you’re looking for and, if the data’s there, we’ll add it to your account. 

Along with badge scanning, attendee session engagement and lead retrieval data, Pulse gives you a deeper understanding of your overall event performance, with a real-time dashboard including over 100 detailed reports and 400 data points per participant.

Pulse arms you with all the details you need to understand your audience, rebook exhibitors and optimize future events.

Key features for the world’s best event lead retrieval

Works offline

Patchy wi-fi? Not a problem. Scan badges even when you’re offline and they’ll sync as soon as you have an internet connection

Lead notes and scoring

Once exhibitors scan a lead, they can score them and record notes within the platform, enabling more effective follow-ups

Grip Teams exhibitor portal

View and arrange meetings, filter and search leads, action inbound leads and export contact details
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24/7 support

Grip’s expert team is always on hand to provide support and guidance, including implementation, training and custom reports

"I love using Grip. The whole platform is easy to use, it’s very intuitive and it integrates well with our other systems. Considering the manual labor used to manage these events before, using Grip saves us so much time."

Melissa Gallagher
Manager of Audience Engagement, Clarion Events

Make your events unmissable

Grip’s lead retrieval and badge scanning solution enables organizers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees to get the most out of every event. Simply utilize Grip’s Event App, which becomes your very own conference badge scanner app.

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Lead retrieval: frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is lead retrieval? 
Lead retrieval is a system used at events to collect and store information from attendees’ badges, usually via barcode or QR code scans. 

This allows event exhibitors and sponsors to efficiently gather and manage contact details and other relevant data for follow-up and networking purposes. Simply use Grip’s Event App as your own trade show badge scanner app to funnel leads to those that need it most: your exhibitors and sponsors!
How does the badge scanning work?
Our badge scanning technology uses the Grip Event App to read QR codes on attendee badges.

Once scanned, the data encoded in the badge, like names and job titles, is immediately captured and stored in our secure database for your exhibitors to access and analyze.
Can the data be integrated with our existing CRM?
Yes. Grip has over 50 native integrations with the most popular event management tools, including the major CRM platforms. This means you can seamlessly upload collected lead data to your existing customer relationship management systems for further action and analysis.
Is there a limit to the number of leads you can capture?
No, our lead retrieval system doesn’t have a cap on the number of leads you can capture. Whether your event has 50 attendees or 250,000, our system can handle your needs.
What information can you collect from attendee badges?
The information you can collect depends on what’s encoded in the badge’s QR code. Typically, this includes the attendee’s name, contact details, company, job title and other registration details. You can also include custom fields based on your specific requirements. There’s no end to the possibilities. Talk to our team to find out what you can do with Grip’s lead retrieval.
How secure is the data collected through the event badge scanning feature in Grip’s Event App?
We prioritize data security. All data collected is encrypted and stored in Grip’s secure servers with access limited to authorized users only. We comply with the most rigorous data protection regulations to ensure your information is safe and secure.
What types of events is your system suited for?
Our lead retrieval system is versatile and suitable for a wide range of events including trade shows, confex events, hosted-buyer events, conferences, expos and exhibitions.
How quickly can you access the data after scanning a badge?
Data is available instantaneously after scanning. Your exhibitors and sponsors can access all captured information in real time through the Grip mobile app or web dashboard, giving instant feedback on lead quality and enabling prompt follow-ups.
What support do you offer?
Our team works with you to provide guidance, support and service at whatever level you need. Grip provides support for:
Lead retrieval setup
Solution design
Platform training
The Grip dashboard also includes handy step-by-step guides and explainer videos to help your team.