Product Features

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Speed Networking

Allows your participants to have short and fast meetings as part of either following a live stream or as an independent session, boosts connections and widen the meeting pool for your participants

Branded Mobile App

Built using your brand assets and guidelines, our mobile app will become your attendees' companion throughout your event, wherever they are


Roundtable sessions can be held in Virtual meeting rooms and can hold up to 50 people, with up to 12 appearing on screen with video at once

AI-Powered Matchmaking

Grip generates recommendations for users thanks to our powerful AI and machine learning technologies. Over 15 different strategies are used to create these recommendations

Sessions Chat

Allow your participants to interact during your LiveStream sessions in a dedicated chat window

Meetings Reminders

Participants receive notifications for the upcoming meetings on their calendar

Live Chat Messaging

Allow your participants to build relationships and have conversations with other participants through our live chat feature


Maximise your sponsors' visibility through our wide range of platform sponsorship opportunities

Main Stage

Your main stage can be live-streamed and/or viewed in person and will automatically display the content on users' home-feeds

Multi-Language Configuration

Our platform is available in 9 languages

Badge Scanning

Enable exhibitors to use the Grip app to scan badges and collect leads

Meeting Scheduling

Meetings can be scheduled across up to 8 consecutive days throughout your event and the timetable is customisable.

Designated Meeting Areas

Meetings are held on allocated tables which can be clearly located on our Interactive Floor-plan with a capacity and timing limit

Inbound Leads

Exhibitors get an overview with all people that interacted with their company and related profiles.

Export Contacts and Meetings

Export all your contacts and meetings including contact details for the ones obtained via badge scanning.

Person Joined Virtual Meeting

When the first person joins the virtual meeting room we sent a notification to the other person.

Live Streaming

Provide a streaming link for every session in the Grip platform so people can easily join your live stream.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Have all meetings take place virtually straight from Grip on both Web and Mobile.

Personalized Extensions

Create personalized links to your website and other pages across the web, visible only to specific audiences

Customisable Home Feed

Customise the experience for different user types at your event with a homepage tailored to them with the most relevant and useful information

Lead Retrieval

Enable exhibitors to use the Grip app to scan badges and collect leads

Push Notifications

Schedule and send highly targeted push notifications from Grip's organiser dashboard and keep your audiences engaged

Session Filters

Easily filter sessions by date, track or location

Session Recommendations

User interaction data and NLP provides valuable recommendations of sessions to attend

Session Feedback

Collect feedback on sessions to be used to improve future events and speaker selection

Session Limits

Set attendance limits by data type, location or session to easily track and display availability

Session Tracks

Visually color code and segment the event agenda by assigning a unique color to each track

Event Agenda

Showcase your entire event agenda on Grip with powerful features and customizations

Calendar Integration

Meetings are automatically synced with native calendars (iCal, Outlook, Google Calendar etc.)

Variable Meeting Length

Configure variable meeting lengths for the same or different meeting locations

Meeting Feedback

Collect valuable real-time feedback by enabling attendees to quickly rate their meetings

Booth as Meeting Location

Provide greater value to exhibitors by enabling them to set their booths as default meeting locations

Interactive Floorplan

Fully interactive and integrated floor plans with wayfinding and offline availability

Meeting Availability Management

Easily configure which days and times you are attending a show to streamline the scheduling of meetings


Configurable permissions by data type for networking, meetings, event program and access to features

Filtering & Search

Powerful elastic search engine and extensive customizable filtering options

Web-Only Solution

Our responsive platform can be integrated into your existing mobile app

Metadata by Data Type

Improve the AI and preference matching with unique metadata by user/data type

Product Profiles

Greater visibility for exhibitors with the ability to create profiles for their products

Company/Exhibitor Profiles

Company profiles make it easier for visitors to find out more about exhibiting companies

White Label Domains

Set up a white label email and platform domain so that it's a completely white labelled experience.

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