Enhance event matchmaking and spark valuable business relationships at in-person events

In-person events bring people together, so why leave those connections to chance? 

Showcase sponsors, streamline meeting scheduling and elevate event engagement with Grip’s AI-matchmaking platform, built for face-to-face events.

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Everything needed for in-person events that sponsors, exhibitors and attendees love

Meeting scheduling

Smart scheduling made simple

You’ve put together a blockbuster event, now ensure participants get the most out of it. 

Remove the hassle of manually setting up and scheduling meetings for your participants. Grip’s AI-powered matchmaking platform simplifies the process for you, using over 50 different algorithms to find the perfect meeting match-ups, then automatically schedule them for maximum efficiency.

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Lead retrieval & badge scanning

Instant connections that last a lifetime

97% of organizers want to increase the number of valuable B2B relationships at their events. But are your exhibitors still relying on collecting business cards to find fresh leads and establish those relationships? If so, this often results in missed opportunities and unhappy exhibitors. Fortunately, there’s a better way… 

Grip’s in-person event management platform enables exhibitors to get all the contact information they need with a simple badge scan via Grip’s Event App — great for efficient lead collection, frictionless follow-ups and happy exhibitors.

Interactive floor plans

The easiest way to navigate your event

Your participants are often busy looking for the next session or trying to get to a networking meeting on time. 

Navigating large event venues can be challenging and frustrating but with Grip, users can access a detailed, interactive view of the event layout. This allows them to plan their day, search for areas of interest and maximize their time.

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Mobile event app

Connect, discover and engage: all in your own branded app

Bring everything together with Grip’s white-labeled mobile Event App. Customized with your branding and to your event, the app allows your participants to  get maximum value from each day. 

Participants can chat with connections, create personalized agendas, view directories, navigate the venue and receive real-time event update notifications.

"Grip is a product that repeatedly gets excellent reviews from sponsors and attendees when onsite due to the ease of use, networking functionality and overall ability to schedule event days. It makes my job as an Organiser that little bit easier, and compliments the experience that we design and strive to deliver for all of our attendees."

Ellie Nixon
Operations Director, MoneyNext

Transform your events with better business relationships

Key features to make your in-person event memorable

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Seamless onboarding

Increase participant engagement with easy onboarding, including automated smart links and custom emails
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Company profiles

Promote sponsors and exhibitors with detailed profiles, including location, embedded videos, featured products and custom fields
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Participant profiles

Participants are encouraged to create profiles, sharing their interests and preferences for improved event networking
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Exhibitor ROI

Enable your exhibitors’ teams to collaborate effectively, from booking meetings to following up on inbound leads
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Interactive agendas

Help attendees plan their day with a searchable agenda, exhibitor directories and a personal schedule which syncs to their iOS or Android calendars
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Advanced analytics

View meetings and connections made per exhibitor, with data graphs, charts and tables for export and further analysis
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50+ native integrations

Grip seamlessly connects with the top event registration platforms via our wizard, streamlining the process of integrating participant data
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24/7 support

Grip’s expert team is always on hand to provide guidance and support, including custom solution design, implementation and training

“After ten years using in-house development, I’m relieved we have found a trusted AI-matchmaking provider that specializes in engaging our attendees.”

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Marco Rodzynek
Founder, NOAH Conference

Grow your in-person events today

Grip’s in-person event management platform provides you with all the tools needed to increase event engagement, create stronger business relationships and run industry-leading events.

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In-person events platform: frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I really need a networking platform for my in-person event?
The world’s best organizers like Clarion, RX and SXSW are using Grip’s in-person events platform. Why? Because business relationships are essential for progress. According to our latest B2B Relationships Report, 97% of organizers said they want to increase the number of valuable B2B relationships at their events.

By using Grip’s in-person events platform at your event, you can create more relevant networking opportunities for your attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. As a result, your event will help create stronger business relationships, making it a valuable asset to all attendees. This results in better participant ROI, a reduction in churn and the growth of your event.
Will Grip work with my existing event tech stack?
Yes. At Grip, we believe that a best-in-class solution is far better than yet another all-in-one app. As a result, Grip has over 50 native integrations with the most popular event management tools, so you can seamlessly share information between different platforms for the best results using our Native Integrations wizard.
Can the mobile app be white labeled and customized?
Yes, absolutely. Grip offers a fully-featured white label mobile app, built using your brand assets and guidelines to create an app that 100% reflects your event. You can even customize the Event App depending on who’s using it, with different homepage views for every type of participant.
Does the mobile app do badge scanning?
Yes. Grip’s in-person event management platform enables exhibitors to get all the contact information they need with a simple badge scan via Grip’s Event App — great for efficient lead collection, and frictionless follow-ups and happy exhibitors.

The Event App also does session scanning. This enables you to increase leads for your sponsors by telling them who attended their sessions. The Session Check-in feature allows you to scan attendees’ badges as they enter a session, using the app. If it’s a sponsored session, each checked-in attendee will appear as an inbound lead in your sponsor’s dashboard. This enables your sponsor to follow up with additional information, or the chance to book a meeting. As an organizer, this gives another great opportunity to demonstrate significant sponsor ROI by showcasing the number of inbound leads generated at your event.
Does the Grip platform offer a registration tool?
Yes. We provide registration by enabling event organizers to connect their existing registration tool (e.g. Cvent, Swoogo, Visit, Hubspot) to Grip via our Native Integration wizard. If you don’t have a registration system, we will work with you to recommend the best one for your needs.
What support do you offer?
Our team works with you to provide guidance, support and service at the level you require. You will be supported with:
Solution design
Platform training
In addition, we ensure your team is supported with handy step-by-step guides and explainer videos inside the Grip dashboard.