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Member engagement with association networking tools

The annual meeting of your association offers unparalleled opportunities to advance your industry. The relationships built at your events lead to a fruitful exchange of ideas and collaboration between peers. Your association members want to feel part of a community, to meet like-minded professionals and be inspired by their conversations. And that sense of community will positively impact retention. 

Grip’s annual meeting app connects your members to one another. Using over 50 AI strategies simultaneously, its advanced matchmaking tools ensure the right people meet. Whether matching supply to demand or peer to peers, our networking software is designed to maximize interaction. Recommendations of who to meet, plus easy meeting scheduling will guarantee more business relationships at your event.

Easy to access professional development

To meet your members’ developmental needs, your education program needs to accommodate varying levels of experience. Creating education tracks and streams to cater for everyone is important but can be challenging using spreadsheets alone. You’ll need to ensure that everyone is aware of the event program you’ve so meticulously put together, and can easily find the sessions they need. 

Schedule concurrent tracks, roundtables, speed-networking and keynote sessions; your event programs are easy to navigate on Grip's annual meeting platform. With advanced permission settings, you can create private sessions and streams to limit access by attendee type. Attendees can add sessions to their personal schedules in advance, and access them during the event on the fully-customizable annual meeting mobile app.

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Interaction-led annual meetings

Learn how the organizers of annual meetings like ETA Transact, aapex and HIMSS have successfully grown their events.
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Annual meeting sponsorship opportunities

Attracting sponsors and exhibitors to your annual meeting brings additional revenue beyond conference and membership fees. Maximizing and proving their return on investment will mean they come back next year. Your sponsors need high quality leads and an ability to track the value that your annual meeting delivers for them. 

Grip’s annual meeting software delivers a host of sponsorship and monetization opportunities to increase event revenue. Monetize tiers of sponsorship permissions and sell into multiple sponsors per session. With badge and session check-in scanning built into the app, your sponsors can rate, note and export their leads for maximum ROI.

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Annual meeting app

Your event app should be simple to use but with great features to connect your attendees and help them navigate your event . Grip’s fully-customizable mobile app can be designed to your specifications, with ease. Add your association branding, customize everything down to the text to suit your audience and you’ve got an annual meeting app that everyone will love to use.
Fully customizable
Interactive event agenda and personal schedules
AI-powered matchmaking and session recommendations
Searchable participant directories
Easy meeting scheduling and instant chat
Sponsor and product directories
Push notifications 
Interactive floor plans
Badge scanning and session check-in for CEU tracking
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Year-round member engagement online

Keeping your association members engaged between meetings can be hard. Community building and member retention takes work and needs to be ongoing. You want to retain your membership, making sure they get value from their fees. Plus, professional development needs regular attention. Are stand-alone webinars enough? 

Grip offers an always-on engagement platform that allows you to connect your community between live events. Through online round tables, unlimited webinars and speed networking sessions, your audience can continue to interact, learn and be inspired. Recorded sessions can be accessed in Grip’s content library, and connections can be made around online events.

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Data and insights to grow your membership

Being able to prove the value of your annual meetings to your association leadership and key stakeholders is a given. Plus, your sponsors need to see a return on their investment in your event. You’ll want to report on your connections, meetings and engagement. Grip's annual meeting platform offers unparalleled insight into your event, during the whole organizational journey. Grip’s insights include:
Activation split out by participant type and device
Most active users, networking actions & connections
Meeting conversion, slot coverage & top participants
Engagement & feedback by session, track & location
Stream view length and average views by track, location & participant
Most common search terms by participant type & job title
Banner ad views & clicks by location & conversion
Badge scanning activation split out by participant type and device
High-level insights into individual sponsor performance
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