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Build more business relationships at your corporate events. User conferences and internal events become infinitely more interactive using Grip’s enterprise event app.

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Build more relationships at your events 

Connecting your professional participants is at the heart of your events. Your corporate events offer an unrivaled opportunity for your community of peers, reps, users and experts to meet and exchange ideas. A meeting of minds where relationships are forged and nurtured. A chance to discuss challenges and learn from one another. An opportunity for sponsors and partners to drive leads, revenue and ROI. 

Ensuring the right connections are made is essential for success. Using AI and machine learning coupled with the parameters that you define for success, Grip offers the best opportunity to connect the right people at your events. Move beyond chance encounters using Grip’s industry-leading advanced matchmaking and meeting scheduling tools.

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Deliver interactive professional development programs

Your participants attend your events to professionally develop. The expert-led sessions, product demos, workshops and roundtables you arrange need to be easy to discover and attend. With different attendee types come different requirements, and managing attendee permissions is important, too. 

Grip’s enterprise event platform allows your participants to build personal schedules from your event agenda. Create streams, tracks, and filters to help them find what they need with ease. Invite-only sessions and private tracks mean you can accommodate your VIPs. While calendar sync to external calendars, ensures that nothing gets missed from your event program, for happy attendees.

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Transform your events with better business relationships

Enterprise-level platform customization and sponsorship options

Your events are an extension of your brand therefore your events need to reflect the individuality of your organization. Being able to personalize the layout of your event app to highlight content, products and people on your event app is more than just a ‘nice to have’. Your corporate events are designed to inspire and delight, and so should your event technology. 

Grip’s enterprise event platform offers advanced branding, customization and sponsorship options. Colors, backgrounds, fonts and all text of both web and mobile apps can all be matched to your brand’s style guide. Home pages are designed by you using image-rich banners, and can be different for each attendee type. And there are plenty of opportunities to drive revenue through sponsorship.

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Enterprise event app

Whether it's an internal gathering, a user conference or a large-scale summit, Grip’s enterprise event app helps you personalize and streamline the journey for every attendee. With unparalleled options for design, our delivery experts can help you create the perfect app for your event.
AI-powered matchmaking and recommendations
Searchable company and product directories
Filterable participant listings
Meeting scheduling and instant chat
Interactive event agenda and personal schedules
Integrated badge scanning
Interactive floor plans and blue-dot navigation
Customizable home feeds per participant type
Permission settings for user types
Sponsorship and branding
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Maximize the reach of your corporate events

Extending the reach of your events will amplify the impact of your activities. Live streaming your content will engage your remote attendees, extend brand exposure, and create on-demand content for further engagement, all while boosting inclusivity and maximizing your event's ROI. Virtual attendees today may well be the in-person attendees of tomorrow.

Grip’s virtual and hybrid event platform allows in-person and live attendee engagement. Grip integrates with all major streaming solutions, whilst offering roundtables and video calling built-in. You can even hold online speed networking, to maximize networking opportunities. With the intelligent video library, you can host your session content year round, transcribed and chapterized.

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Understand engagement and deliver ROI with insights at every stage

Measuring the success of your events shouldn't be a guessing game; you need data to demonstrate impact. Prove ROI to stakeholders, drive more attendee engagement, and track the success of your own sales team. Grip's event platform delivers unparalleled insights and tools for lead management throughout the entire event lifecycle. Grip Pulse empowers you to tell the complete story of your event. Insight reports include:
Activation split out by attendee type
Most active users, networking actions & connections
Meeting conversion & most engaged participants
Grip Teams: meeting management, lead scores, lead notes and exports 
Engagement & feedback by session, track & location
Stream view length and average views by track, location & participant
Most common search terms by participant type & job title
Banner ad views & clicks by location & conversion
Badge scanning activation split out by participant type and device
High-level insights into individual sponsor performance
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Grow your corporate events today

Whether you want to increase participant engagement, lower churn or boost revenues, Grip has all the tools you need.

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