7 tips for time management skills in events

7 tips for time management skills in events
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Are you finding there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done with your event strategy? 

‘Eventprofs’ obviously means event professionals. It means we’re ‘pros’ at putting on events, conferences and exhibitions. Whilst we may be experts in our field, managing time and the sheer volume of work required right now, you’re probably up against it most of the year now, right? 

Fear not, we’ve got your back with seven time management tips for busy event professionals. 

The importance of time management

As any event planner knows, time management is essential for the success of any event. Not only does it keep your event on schedule and on budget, but it also ensures your event runs smoothly. 

For event planners, good time management skills are all about having a plan, knowing when to say no, and leaning on technology to streamline your workflow. 

Want to free up some capacity and work smarter? 

Read on for seven time management tips to help you get the most out of your upcoming event. 

1. Start with the quick wins 

We’ve all got that notepad with an ever-growing list of important tasks that need to be completed for your next event. 

It’s likely that even before your 10am weekly team meeting you’ve added a few more tasks to it. So, tick off the easy ones, get those done before your second cup of coffee and celebrate the fact you’ve already achieved something great today. 

2. Just say no

At some point in your event management career, you will need to learn to say ‘no’ in order to maintain your own sanity and well-being. 

If you find yourself constantly stretched thin, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities and cut back on your commitments. Remember, it is better to say no to some tasks in order to focus on the ones that are most important to you.

3. Block out your calendar 

Hands up if you’ve had an event planning meeting put in your diary this week that you didn’t know about? With the influx of shared calendars, it’s easy for colleagues to add a meeting into your diary without you knowing. 

This is your time, so block out time every day to help you focus on what matters most to you that day. 

4. Effective event technology

Over the last few years, you’ve probably tried connecting several event technology platforms together to help deliver that truly hybrid and engaged experience that you so desire. 

Working with one provider that can deliver an end-to-end solution or one that is already integrated with other best of breed event technologies saves you time from being “Chief API Officer” of your next event and allows you to manage your time better. 

5. Pre-record content 

There is a lot of pressure to deliver digital content live, such as internet connections going down or not knowing the sound quality of a speaker’s mic set up, and so on. These are issues that contribute to more stress for you come event day. 

So, pre-record sessions that you can schedule to go live in your event application at the right time in the right channel. This will help reduce stress and enable you to focus on the bigger picture. 

6. Save time: use technology 

Event organizers are guilty of mastering the art of Excel. A great piece of technology, there is no doubt about that, but there are tools that can do it better and save you more time when planning your next event. 

For example, have you used Lineup Ninja before? This software helps event planners save time and reduce stress by automating the repetitive and potentially error-prone tasks associated with speaker management. More here.

7. Just breathe

You’re passionate about creating great events and you want to deliver the best experience. When it’s all getting a bit much, switch everything off or better yet, go for a walk and get some fresh air. 

Take a break from the constant stimulation of phone calls, text messages, emails and social media.  Focus on deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, or simply take some time to enjoy the quiet. 

By disconnecting from the digital world for even a short period of time each day, you can help reduce stress levels and improve your overall well-being.

Time management, the holy grail for eventprofs

Effective time management is an essential skill for event professionals. By learning to reduce stress and better manage your time, event planners can make the planning process far more efficient and enjoyable. 

We hope you have found these time management skills for event planners useful. With practice, you'll be able to reduce stress, save time, and make your events even more successful.

Want to save time and improve the ROI of your next event? If so, book a call with a Grip expert.