Event Networking App Made for Attendee Engagement

Event Networking App Made for Attendee Engagement
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The Grip Event Networking App.

If you find yourself having difficulty meeting the right people at an event where you may or may not know the other event-goers, you are not alone.Grip was created to help attendees meet with relevant people at events. The app itself can help relieve some of the pre-event anxiety you may be feeling. Grip aims to make networking easier around the globe, by providing event organizers with an affordable solution; increased engagement of attendees (which, in turn, increases the ROI) and saving participants' time through the convenience of this app.

Attendee Engagement

Engaged attendees are extremely important for an event’s success, as it ensures that people will have a positive experience. Grip is not an event app, it is the world's most innovative event networking app. Grip aims to provide the ultimate experience for attendees by reinventing event networking in such a way as to make your use of the app an unforgettable one.Often, ‘Event Apps' provide event networking as an afterthought; however, we know that event networking is what defines an event’s success. Event organizers often tell us about the poor adoption of event apps and the bad user experience, this adds to the difficulty in finding the right people to meet at an event.This is why we are solely focused on networking. We know event goers have a limited amount of time to make business happen, so this is why our matchmaking engine is valuable to the user, making sure attendees meet the right people and do not get bombarded by sales messages. Our engine is coupled with artificial intelligence and an easy-to-use interface. Attendees can connect before the event by increasing business transaction during the event. This increases an event value for the attendees.This user-friendly app allows event organizers to increase attendee engagement via the perimeters of the app. Grip is accessible to all from all different application supporting devices.

Networking Community That Last After the Event

Event Organizers can watch their community grow and communicate as time passes. Grip allows you to bring growth to your event in a time-saving, all-in-one platform from which you are provided valuable information about your attendees.Many event organizers are using the app to improve their event marketing strategy and get valuable insight about their attendees. Whether the event you are organizing is a small-scale or a large-scale one, Grip is the user-friendly solution and this is why it is the leading event networking app in the industry.

Event Profs Community On the Grip App

Join our event prof community on the Grip App and connect with other event prof worldwide.

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