Five Event Apps That Will Provide A Great Attendee Experience

Five Event Apps That Will Provide A Great Attendee Experience
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Five Event Apps That Will Make Sure Your Attendees Have A Great Experience

At Grip we are all about Event Networking. We see a lot of event apps and where some reports focus on the “feature list”, we think there is more to it.  For example if the app is well designed, awesome customer service, and easy to integrate with are some of the crucial factors in order to make sure your attendees have a good experience. Therefore we decided to make a list with the apps that we think provide the best experience for your attendees.However, event apps are also not one-size fits all, for example Goomeo is very suitable for trade shows but on the other hand Eventfuel is a great choice for internal events and small conferences. We took all of this into consideration in making our list of event apps that will make sure your attendees have a great experience at your event The list is in no particular order as it all depends on the type of event you organize.


Niko and his team have done an amazing app in creating an easy-to-use app that is being used by Apple, the Lisbon Investment Summit and many other great conferences and internal meetings. The app also has some neat features around attendee interaction and can both be used as single or multi-event app. Eventuel is the only app that uses a toolbar as opposed to a side menu. Whereas this requires a more careful choice of the primary features it enables for much easier navigation. You can find more information about the issue with side menu’s here.


Loopd is the high-tech solution for corporate events. Their full platform comes with impressive analytics and their own super smart badge. The team has built a great solution that is being used by Cisco, Box, MongoDB and many other leading companies. The Loopd App is extremely modular and uses a breakthrough navigation style that makes it intuitive on any mobile phone. We also like the overall user interface, which can be customized quite heavily for white labeled apps. Loopd has won several awards including IMEX Global Event Technology Startup of the Year.


Goomeo is one of the best solutions for trade shows and large conferences already used by Reed Exhibitions, Comexposium and many others. One of the key features for trade shows besides the matchmaking of attendees and exhibitors is indoor navigation. Goomeo has a lot of experience with indoor navigation and mapping and also has cool features with beacons. The app also provides a lot of sponsorship visibility which is great but can influence how easy it is navigate through the app. Make sure you work with the Goomeo team to find the right balance on this point.

ITM Mobile

ITM Mobile is a leading edge mobile app company that offers some of the most comprehensive solutions for events. Their emphasis is on making the overall experience – before, during and after an event – the best possible for all parties involved. Some of their innovative features include Selfie-Tickets and Real-Time Audience Response/Polling.Their event app is cleverly split in three main sections: the middle offers app users direct access to upcoming sessions and activities or the events social media stream; the left sidebar menu hosts all event specific functionality; and on the right is where participants can manage their personal profile, communications and notes. Another big benefit is their event management platform, MINT, which has a lot of functionality and we have heard from several organizers that this made a huge difference to them.


The ideal solution for conferences and corporate events that need more than just an app. Attendease provides instantly publishable event websites, ticketing and one of the most robust scheduling systems that is used by SXSW and many large events. Customers of Attendease already include Adobe, Atlassian and Pivotal and their system is very easy to integrate with. Do you have another event app providers that you are working with and would like to know our opinion on them? Please do let us know and we are happy to help you find the best suitable event app for your event.header image is the Loopd app.