How To Increase Event Ticket Sales with Grip LeadBox

How To Increase Event Ticket Sales with Grip LeadBox
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Growing your event ticket sales are the primary goal of an event website. Smart organizers are always looking for ways to improve their website. That is why we are launching "Grip LeadBox" to help organizers achieve this goal more effectively.84% of event attendees say that meeting new people is their primary reason for attending. However, event organizers rarely show who you could be meeting at an event on their website. Event websites often highlight sessions, speakers and sponsors, but almost never the people or companies that will be present at the event.People and companies are not recommended because everyone is looking to meet someone different. This makes it difficult to show a set of profiles that will be relevant for everyone. We will change this forever with the launch of "Grip LeadBox".

Grip LeadBox

Grip LeadBox provides an easy-to-implement and personalized way to showcase your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, visitors and VIPs on your website. This helps you engage people on your website, drive email signups and increase conversion to ticket sales. An example of  Grip Leadbox on our demo event website. Explore it for yourself here:

Example of how the Grip Attendee Plugin can be used on an event website.

How to start using Grip LeadBox:If you don’t have an application on our dashboard yet, you can request a demo or get in touch for more information.

1. In your dashboard, go to the Plugin Manager

Open the Plugin Manager

2. Choose the event you want to make the Plugin for


3. Create and publish the Plugin

Customize text, colors and links and publish when you’re done.


4. Place it on your websiteSimply copy the code from the Plugin Manager and add it to the part of your website where you would like it displayed.


Well done! You’re now 'live'!

You can now track how many people convert to your ticketing page from the button, and export the email addresses from the Plugin Manager.

  • Export leads
  • Improve it further by getting more people to network

The recommendations that are given by "Grip LeadBox"  are influenced by how people are using the Grip matchmaking engine. This means that the more people use the networking section in your event app, the better the recommendations will get; those people will also show up automatically in the Plugin if they are of high relevance to a specific group of people.