How to Monetize Your Event Networking App

How to Monetize Your Event Networking App
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Grip Can Help You Get the Right Sponsors for Your EventsThe Grip App has a great track record when it comes to attendee adoption, with an average of 71% of all the attendees downloading the Grip App, this makes sponsorship for your event networking app increasingly attractive to companies looking for more exposure. If you’re an event planner hosting a meeting, conference, or trade show, and looking for ways to create new revenue streams, a mobile event networking app may be just what you need for enhanced sponsorship placement and a better event experience for attendees.This form of mobile marketing is a great way to provide sponsors with the exposure they seek while allowing you to monetize your event networking app, maximizing the return on investment. Are you an event organizer in need of proof point for your current or potential sponsors?At Grip we understand the importance of giving visibility to your sponsors, and data point proving return on investment.With the Grip App not only you will get the general information about your attendees breakdown by industry but you will also get insights into your attendees needs and expectations at the event making it easier for you to attract the right sponsors. Event Analytics Report Helping You Get Future Sponsors

Monetizing Your Event Networking App

Proper event analytics can have a huge impact on the convincing of a sponsor that your event is worth sponsoring. Accurate information on the people that are attending, their seniority level, what their goals are at the event and how likely they are to be interested in the sponsor will increase the number of sponsorships you are able to get. For example, being able to say to a "Software Vendor" in "Financial Technology" that 20 percent of your attendees are decisions makers in "Financial Institutions" is a good start. However, being able to add that there is an 80% likelihood that they will want to connect to "Software Vendors" is the level of insight that will make the real difference for a potential sponsor. Insights based on attendees networking intent is the level of accuracy that we are going for at Grip.We do this based on registration and social data as well as the networking behaviour of attendees. To establish the best connections at an event we use natural language processing, advanced algorithms, and deep neural networks, to create an intent profile of every attendee. This same information can be used to determine the likelihood attendees will be interested in a potential sponsor. Event Sponsored Spinner

Sponsorship Event Networking App

Traditional sponsor opportunities often have a negative impact on the overall user experience. They are often interstitials, or banners at the footer of the screen. Instead of a brand powering a positive experience, it becomes an annoyance and has a negative association with it. In our branded networking apps your prominent sponsor can have maximum visibility by adding a sponsored spinner. For Phd Media partnering with Cannes Lions on the networking app resulted in 100.000+ impressions while not impacting the user experience. The result is great visibility for one of your sponsors with a positive association and a simple and easy to implement monetization opportunity for you as an event organizer.