The Best FREE Event Technology for Meetups and Conferences

The Best FREE Event Technology for Meetups and Conferences
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Event Management – Eventbrite (Free for Free Events)

Eventbrite is a website event management service. In minutes, you can organize your event, sell tickets, and manage registration for all kinds of events. You can also use Eventbrite for fundraising, house parties, any sort of musical performance or a concert. If you can think of an event, you can use Eventbrite for it.

How does it work? Create your event's landing page through the Eventbrite website. This will be a single point of entry for you to start selling tickets, and even extra items like mechandise, while Eventbrite collects registration information for you.

What's more -- You won't be charged if your event is free. Eventbrite only makes a charge when you collect money through sales

Event Matchmaking – Grip (Free Public Event on the GRIP App)

Grip is the first Event Networking App powered by artificial intelligence. How does it work? Attendees can create a profile on Grip by signing up with LinkedIn or Facebook. As soon as they enter the Grip App they can network with other attendees at the event. This is a fantastic tool when we know that 81% of attendees come to an event to network with other event goers.

The artificial intelligence recommends the right people to meet in function of the attendees needs at that event saving the attendees precious time.

Grip gives event organizers valuable insights into attendee behavior and engagement at their event. For example, a clear breakdown of the influencers within the event, or an overview of the connections made at the event. This data will help you refine the marketing for your next event, and improve your ticket sales.

Event Budgeting – Event Geek (Free Trial)

EventGeek is a project management and ROI analytics, for events platform. Corporate marketers spend 20% of their marketing budgets on events, yet managing logistics and tracking ROI are still painful and time consuming.

EventGeek simplifies event planning and ROI reporting with easy-to-use tools. Users can create checklists, plan travel, publish daily schedules and track budgets.

By connecting an ROI data source (typically Salesforce) to EventGeek, users can get metrics like cost per lead and compare performance across their portfolio of exhibits and sponsorships.

Event Engagement -  Slido (Free Plan)Slido is an audience interaction platform for meetings and events. It allows event organizers to crowd-source the best questions for Q&A sessions, get instant feedback via live polls and share presentations with audiences in real-time.Event Staffing - Wheniwork (Free Trial) When I Work simplifies employee scheduling and communication by using an innovative blend of collaborative communication technologies, including the web, mobile apps, text messaging, social media, and email. When I Work’s incredibly simple interface and intelligent communication platform saves time and money while reducing absenteeism and improving employee accountability.