The Importance of Pre-Event Analytics

The Importance of Pre-Event Analytics

Tim Groot

CEO & Co-Founder

By Tim GrootThe benefits of post-event analytics come as common knowledge to event organisers and businesses. The data and insights from previous events have always been used to improve future events. Today, however, event organisers can actively measure the amount of interaction amongst attendees, track user behaviour and identify preferences for events that still need to happen.The next step is actively using this information prior to and during the event to improve the event experience. In this article, we’ll look at the importance of pre-event analytics and just some of the benefits that they deliver.

Increasing event attendance

One of the main objectives when hosting a networking event is to get as many people to attend as possible. Despite having a full house at the event, filling the room with irrelevant people can be counter-productive. In order to maximise on productivity, all attendees should hold value in terms of engagement. Having an understanding of your target market allows you to send effective, targeted email and marketing campaigns. It also allows you to stay in touch with attendees prior to and during the event which will help to prevent no-shows and low attendance records. For trade shows the typical conversion from registration to attendance is as low as 60%, we’ve seen that by launching Event Matchmaking Software before an event this can increase to 85%!Helping to improve networking qualityCombining your registration data with the pre-event networking behaviours of your attendees can help you more deeply understand which groups of people should be attracted to your event. Enabling organizers to understand which types of people are missing from their event to create the ultimate networking experience. This data could be used to create targeted advertisements to attract specific people to an event using tools such as Feathr. Custom Email Campaigns Using pre-event analytics it is possible to exactly understand which audiences are engaged leading up to the event and which ones aren’t. This can be done based on registration data, smart platforms such as InfoSalons can give you a ‘score’ of the likelihood of someone actually showing up. Grip’s networking data could be used leading up to the event to understand which audiences are not active on the platform yet. You can then send specific emails from the platform to, for example, inactive Exhibitor Representatives with recommendations of who to meet and the benefits of joining.These points highlight the value of Pre-Event Analytics and savvy organizers will continue to find exciting new ways to use this to improve their events in real-time.About Grip: We believe technology exists to enhance the human experience. If you’re looking for an easy way to analyse and leverage pre-event data, get in touch with us to see some powerful features that could be useful for your event.