What is a Virtual Hosted Buyer programme?

What is a Virtual Hosted Buyer programme?
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In the simplest terms, a hosted buyer programme is:

  • A way of identifying the visitors to an event with the most decision-making and spending power, and creating a structured programme to give them the opportunity to hold face-to-face meetings with exhibitors.

For event organisers, connecting hosted buyers with the right suppliers within a virtual event environment has proven to be extremely challenging to both manage and facilitate online. Exhibitor sponsorship return on investment (ROI) at live events has traditionally been measured by factors such as:

  • Number of leads attending the booth.
  • Number of meetings booked/attended.

So creating opportunities to demonstrate ROI in a virtual an environment is not only crucial for success, but also can be a key metric to benchmark and track against for future events. What are the benefits?

  • Your event audience are no longer restricted by location or geography, helping to expand into global markets.
  • Expand engagement opportunities to launch before and during the event.
  • Empower buyers and suppliers to choose whom they wish to meet and show interest.
  • Spin up personal 1-2-1 virtual meeting rooms without even leaving the event platform

All these aspects of efficient matchmaking involve personalisation. Here at Grip, we believe the only way to offer a high degree of personalisation on a large scale, with tens of thousands of hosted buyer meetings, is through Artificial Intelligence. So, how does it work?Behind the scenes, Grip deploys a simple three phased approach, powered by AI, that delivers a superior and seamless experience for buyers and suppliers. A powerful set of platform features empower event organisers with new levels of oversight and control, whilst buyers and suppliers gain confidence that they're being invited to meet relevant and prepared professionals. Meetings run like clockwork 1-2-1 meetings can be arranged ahead of event launch, plus you can clearly signpost where they sit within your central event agenda. When the hosted buyer meeting is about to finish, a handy 5 minute countdown appears before buyers and suppliers easily jump to the next meeting. Clever, hey?Rate the value of meetingsA whole new digital KPI for your events. Create your own meeting feedback options that people can select after the meeting has taken place. A recent hosted buyer event such as

  • “Deal in Negotiation”

Crucially this can then be translated into a KPI for all event attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to benchmark againstA flexible online meeting diaryEasily see if there are better or different meetings available and improve meeting schedules manually