100% Branded Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person Events

Events on Grip are fully white labelled and feel like a direct extension of your brand no matter if it’s a conference, trade show, corporate or marketing event.

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Your Event. Your Brand.

Design your event your way.

Planning an event?

Your Event. Your Brand.

Make your Event Stand Out

Personalized Homepage

Create unique homepages for different participant types within a single event so that everyone has the perfect experience.

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50+ Designer Made Blocks

To make it fast and easy to set up your home page, we've created over 50 blocks to create the perfect experience.

Your Own Branded Mobile App

Get your own fully branded native mobile app for iOS and Android with extensive branding opportunities and powerful networking. 

Custom Profile Fields

Create custom profile fields for participant, company and product data types for rich and detailed profiles that drive engagement and event success.

Branded Login Banner

Add a half-page Advert during the login process so you've got a branded presence and voice from the very first second of the attendees' experience

Session Holding Images

Add your custom branding for every session with this large placeholder image area that will be shown when the attendees wait for a session to start

Advanced Company Profiles

Every company can add its own cover photo, products listing, video's, representatives and more to reflect the company's branding in the best and most accurate way possible

The Full Range of Customization You Can Expect

Discover the wide range of systems we integrate with.
Is your favourite one not on the list? Get in touch with our teams!

Personalized Extensions

Create personalized links to your website and other pages across the web, visible only to specific audiences

White Label Domains

Set up a white label email and platform domain so that it's a completely white labelled experience.


Configurable permissions by data type for networking, meetings, event program and access to features

Metadata by Data Type

Improve the AI and preference matching with unique metadata by user/data type


They loved using Grip, why not you?

Baris Onay
Chief Commercial Officer at Tarsus Group

There are too many trying to do the same thing, but Grip are a leader in the field. They were the first to use AI so the matching actually works. Ultimately, when you like what you see and want to scale to 25 events, Grip can do that.

Elsa Helbourne
Director of Marketing & Technology at Mi-Forums

We pride ourselves on making our experiences for attendees great and our first event together with Grip was brilliant. Clients kept coming to us saying they loved the app. It’s been a pleasure to work with Grip.