Enhance experiences and drive results with AI-powers networking and matchmaking

Providing your attendees and sponsors with the best of what AI technologies can offer to accelerate business opportunities

A visual about networking and matchmaking possibilities of Grip, using AI technology

Networking is an art, but matchmaking is a science

Grip has facilitated the connection of over 5.5 million participants. This data allows our AI technologies to constantly learn about the professional goals and interests of visitors, exhibitors and sponsors.

Data Points

Data points collected over the years to make our engine the best in the industry


The average number of recommendations that an event participant gets


We're now 300% better than "base" recommendations, growing at 11% per quarter.

Improvement per Year

Every year an event is run on Grip we see a 40% increase in accuracy of Grip AI

A match made in Heaven the cloud

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There is more than one way
to Network

Our Networking experiences range from a quick call, to a 3 minutes long Speed Networking Session to a Pre-Scheduled list of Hosted Buyers Meetings, pick your poison.

Multi-Person Meetings

The more the merrier, right? This applies to Meetings too! Attendees can schedule meetings with up to 50 people!

A visual showcasing a video on the grip virtual platform, including a play button and a person presenting

Topic-Based Speed Networking

Participants can enjoy Speed Networking sessions about certain topics. No need to waste time on things they don't actually care about!

Roundtables & Breakout Rooms

Interactive Breakout rooms and roundtables are available for up to 50 people. They also feature Q&A, Polling and Live Chat support for moderators.

Instant Video & Chat Messaging

Who has time to book things now? If they're online, let's do business! On Grip, participants can (video) call each other at anytime during the event.

On Grip, Networking is not a feature. It's an experience.


Data drives interactions that deliver
Event Success

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