Schedule valuable meetings with the Grip Hosted Buyer Solution

Generate more business opportunities for exhibitors with AI-powered pre-scheduled meetings while reducing manual work for the team

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Advanced functionality for
pre-scheduled business meetings

We've worked closely with hosted buyer organizers who ran events for 20+ years on their own platforms. Our meeting scheduling solution meets the requirements of the most complex hosted buyer experiences, reducing operational time, increasing meeting quality and generating more business.

Variable Meeting Numbers per Supplier

Sell different meeting packages and automatically schedule the number of meetings that a supplier has purchased.

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Virtual, Hybrid, In-Person

Automatically allocate tables for in-person events or virtual meeting rooms with attendance tracking.

Share Schedules with Multiple Suppliers

Increase revenue potential and ways suppliers can take part in the program by having two suppliers share their meetings.

Meeting Rating and Success Analysis

Customisable meeting feedback enables you to collect valuable insights in to the success and opportunities gained from one-to-one meetings.


The event participant journey shaped for meeting success

Every phase in the Grip hosted buyer experience is geared towards event success. We take your participants on a journey that is easy to understand and enjoyable.

Register, Qualify and Onboard Participants

For hosted buyer events, we have a fully integrated registration module enabling you to seamlessly manage registrations, qualify who should be added and onboard them to the event.
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Select Meeting Preferences

Once the event has launched, participants receive personalised recommendations, enabling them to curate a list of participants they would like to meet with.
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Generate & Review Schedules

Use our AI-powered scheduling solution to generate meetings for every single participant. Once completed, review the meetings and publish the perfect schedule for every buyer & supplier.
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Meetings & Feedback

Multi-person video calls for virtual events or automatic table allocation for in-person events. All part of the single experience with powerful chat messaging, contact detail sharing and the ability to rate meetings.
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Take the guesswork out
of your meeting programs

Just like Netflix and Amazon, our technology uses machine learning and advanced algorithms to make intelligent initial recommendations and create better meeting schedules. The more events you use it for, the more accurate your recommendations become, resulting in higher quality and more efficient meetings.

Data Points

Data points collected over the years to make our engine the best in the industry

Mutual Opt-in Meetings

A 22% increase in meetings where both the buyer & supplier have opted into the meeting

Positive Meetings

Unparalleled meeting
quality due to our meeting scoring matrix

Improvement per Year

Every year an event is run on Grip we see a 40% increase in accuracy of Grip AI

Partners in event success

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Grip's service and support

Our team works in with you, to provide guidance, support and service at the level you need. This includes:

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Solution design
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Platform training

Become an event success expert with the power of the Grip Academy

Tailored training programs with videos and quizzes
Detailed Strategy Presentations on Event Success Concepts
Guidelines, Blogs and Case Studies to stimulate your thinking
Knowledge base articles to answer all your questions

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