Exhibitors using Grip Teams see 41% increase in lead capture

The launch of Grip Teams earlier in 2019 saw the introduction of the first-ever meeting management solution for real collaboration among exhibiting company’s representatives.

Dahlia El Gazzar

By Jake Rigby The launch of Grip Teams earlier in 2019 saw the introduction of the first ever meeting management solution for real collaboration among exhibiting company’s representatives.  Since its inauguration, we are now seeing the average exhibiting company who uses the Grip software capture over 50 leads per event from attending meetings, networking, and making use of the smart calendar link.

Maximising ROI opportunities as a team

Digital marketing has increased the accountability of marketing budgets in terms of providing quality lead capture and for many companies attending trade shows, the aim of achieving a return on their (large) investments is often measured through quantifiable, quality leads. For corporate event planners, managing meetings and using those sales individuals to their fullest is not always an easy task, as exhibitor teams often struggle to manage meetings with clients. Whether this stems from a lack of integration between systems, a lack of visibility among colleagues on the show floor, or simply the use of inappropriate tools for meeting management, it takes its toll on the teams efficiency and maximising the opportunities during the event.  For exhibition organisers, there hasn’t been an effective solution for event teams to deploy which allows their exhibiting companies the opportunity to maximise their stand staff and increase each exhibitors capacity for meeting attendees  - until now.  Grip has always been at the forefront of event matchmaking and networking software and since the introduction of its new functionality Grip Teams, exhibitors stand staff are now able to book meetings on behalf of each other, gain full visibility of the team’s diaries and meetings calendars and track progress across all of the events that they attend. In fact, Grip saw a 41% increase in captured leads when Grip Teams was used by the exhibitors compared to others using the Grip platform.

Improving the sales opportunities for stand staff

For stand staff, the Grip Teams solution also serves as a valuable asset when managing meetings for upcoming events. Users will get a full view of the event that they are attending, the details of the meeting, including the location within the venue, as well as the number of people who will be joining the meeting. This allows sales managers to track leads in an integrated, streamlined and collaborative manner.  Grip Teams also includes a seamless meeting creation tool with fields that are specifically designed to capture all of the relevant information that is needed. These meetings are then automatically displayed on a comprehensive meeting calendar which gives a great visual overview as well as a collaborative interface. Grip also has a deep integration with iCal, Gmail and Outlook, so stand staff never miss a meeting!  Exhibitors are able to share their meeting availability with prospects by simply sharing a meeting link, and this can be shared on social media platforms as well as via email. It is a powerful asset when managing calendar availability. Interested in finding out more about how Grip Teams can improve the ROI on your next event? Get in touch!

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