Grip Integrates with Glisser: Content & Connections in One Powerful Solution

We are excited to announce that Grip now integrates with Glisser – the all-in-one audience engagement software for events!

Dahlia El Gazzar

We are excited to announce that Grip now integrates with Glisser - the all-in-one audience engagement software for events. In this blog post, we will cover how this new partnership will help give your event-goers an even better return on time from attending your virtual, hybrid or in-person events.With the sudden rise of virtual events, one of the main questions Event Organisers are asking is; “What makes an AMAZING virtual or hybrid event experience?”If we look at it from the attendee perspective - whether it is an in-person or virtual event, event-goers still want to leave an event with relevant connections AND new insights from engaging session content.

Therefore to support event organisers in delivering fantastic virtual experiences, Grip has already launched 1 to 1 Video Calls, Integrated Live Streaming and extensive functionality for managing Inbound Leads and Meetings for Sponsors and Exhibitors.Adding a live stream is easy, but to truly make an event come to life in the virtual world, you need extensive audience participation. For that, we've partnered with the most advanced audience engagement tool in the market, Glisser.Glisser’s audience engagement software combines live video, instant slide-sharing and audience participation tools (Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes) – to improve the attendee experience and provide useful event analytics.The video feed can be extracted from multiple sources including YouTube Live, Vimeo, Microsoft Streams, Facebook, Twitch, Restream, Bluejeans and Jitsi. The slides are delivered in real-time, without awkward ‘screen-sharing’, and are instantly downloadable at the end of the session.The unique combination of the networking capabilities in Grip and the audience engagement technology of Glisser offers event organisers everything they need to provide event-goers with the ability to meet the right people and consume engaging content in a virtual environment.One of the main reasons we are excited to be collaborating with Glisser is that their audience engagement technology fits perfectly with our mission to help event-goers get a massive return on their time at events.In short, the combination of these two platforms provides event-goers with:- AI-powered recommendations of people to meet and sessions to attend.- The ability to form new connections and consume content in one platform.- Highly engaging session content with Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes.- Instant access to downloadable session materials at the end of each session.The magic can happen when you combine these virtual features to create new virtual experiences at the macro and micro level. At the macro-level, introduce virtual touch points before and after an event in one platform that helps attendees make new connections and get critical insights into the topics that matter most to them.At the micro-level, you can combine virtual features to offer new and unique virtual experiences.

Whether virtual events are your Plan A or Plan B, the unique combination of the technology offered by Grip and Glisser will ensure your audience leave your event with great connections and enjoy the sessions in your line up.Get in touch if you'd like to discuss how this could work for your event.Please find below a short video about how Glisser looks inside the Grip platform:

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