How to improve your event networking with AI matchmaking

How to improve your event networking with AI matchmaking
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Networking has long been considered one of the best ways for businesses and entrepreneurs to make valuable connections. In a recent Convention 2020 – The Future of Exhibitions survey, 76% of respondents cited quality of networking as a driving factor to attend networking events in 2020 [1].

Yet, despite how beneficial networking events can be, they don’t always produce desired results. If your business isn’t seeing the level of engagement anticipated at your events, event matchmaking could be the answer.Enabling attendees to find relevant people to network with, event matchmaking is becoming a crucial aspect of effective networking. Utilising the services of an event matchmaking solution such as Grip, can help to maximise your event’s potential.Below, you’ll discover how Grip’s clever app can improve your event matchmaking.

The first AI powered matchmaking service

Grip’s innovative event matchmaking app is the first to be powered by artificial intelligence. It provides networking matches based upon an intricate algorithm. The more a user interacts with the app, the better and more relevant matches they’ll receive.It’s easy for attendees to sign up to the app. An attendees profile typically gets imported straight from the registration data so it’s very easy for attendees to get started. Once a profile has been created, they can get to work networking with other attendees and exhibitors right away. The app will automatically make recommendations of relevant people each attendee may want to connect with.The great thing about this app is that it can be used both before and during the event. It doesn’t just benefit attendees either. The event matchmaking app can also prove invaluable for VIP’s and exhibitors.

An experience which works for everyone

Ideally, you want everyone to have the best experience at your networking event. Grip’s event matchmaking app can help to keep attendees, exhibitors and VIP’s happy.In terms of attendees, the app will recommend speakers, or suggest panel discussions they might like to attend. By offering personalised suggestions, it enhances the quality of connections. It also saves attendees important time which would otherwise be wasted on potentially irrelevant connections.For exhibitors, they’ll be able to get a better idea of attendee behaviour patterns. They can also use the app to generate additional exposure by creating info-rich profiles. Leads will be delivered straight to them rather than the exhibitor having to actively seek out potential matches. They’ll be able to go over post-event analytics too in order to establish successful connections and where improvements could be made.

Features which drive success

The capabilities of Grip’s event matchmaking app are extensive. Its innovative features enable event organisers to achieve valuable insights into attendee engagement and behaviour. This in turn allows for better organisation and marketing of future events. They save attendees a significant amount of time, ensuring they only engage with relevant people. One on one meetings with relevant connections can also be booked through the app.If you’re looking to ensure your next networking event delivers the right results, Grip’s event matchmaking engine can help. The above are just some of the exceptional benefits the app can deliver.Not sure whether or not the Grip app is right for you? Why not request a demo to see exactly how it works.


Discover how AI-powered matchmaking can help you grow your next event.