Hybrid Experiences Create More Ways to Reach and Connect With Attendees

Hybrid Experiences Create More Ways to Reach and Connect With Attendees
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There’s no denying that when the pandemic hit it changed the face of events. Forced with canceling events for the indefinite future or innovating, event organizers turned to virtual. What emerged was a new appreciation for the importance of integrating a virtual component with live events, bringing the hybrid model to the forefront of the industry’s landscape. 

While people will always need face-to-face events—and they will return—providing hybrid events that give equal weight to both virtual and live are in demand. Why? Hybrid offers flexibility. Not everyone can afford to attend an event or has the time to travel, while the impact of the pandemic will have a long-lasting impact on how people gather. 

Yet, connections will always be one of the most basic needs and goals of an event. There is tremendous value to the people met and connections made at conferences, and this can, and should, happen at both in-person and virtual events. That’s why soon after live events began disappearing, the team at Grip launched a platform to meet the needs of the evolving event industry. The AI-powered event networking software designed for virtual, hybrid and live events, emphasizes the importance of networking through its matchmaking experience. 

Today, there’s really no going back. Here’s why hybrid events have staying power:

Connections are king. The team at Grip knows that while face-to-face interactions are important, people also crave convenience, and in the current global environment, that in itself is powerful. Using self-learning software, Grip matches attendee profiles against every conference participant, saving them time and effort, so they can chat with matches to make valuable connections. 

The hybrid model has global reach. You no longer have to jump on an airplane to attend an event across the country or sea. The hybrid model gives brands global reach into homes and new markets. Along with this flexibility comes the ability to deliver an enhanced customer experience by focusing on the messages and delivery that are most important to your audience. The capability to reach the global community also means maximizing revenue streams across the world. The impact is also far more reaching, with the potential to cut down on carbon emissions and ultimately provide a more affordable way to host and attend an event.

AI, data and insights can be used to better engage audiences. When you have the right platform, connecting with your audience or with fellow attendees can be easier than ever. For instance, Grip’s AI-powered networking can help attendees sift through thousands of attendees and make smart suggestions for those they should meet. Through the use of a tech platform, you can more easily get a bigger picture of your attendees’ behaviors and needs, and identify content trends, allowing you to evolve with your attendee and better understand what they want from an event. Grip’s badge scanning enables real-time insights on prospective buyers’ networking intentions and how well this matches offerings from exhibitors. It’s no secret, taking what you find from post-event analytics can help you improve your next event. Finally, as you deliver across virtual and in-person events to support your hybrid strategy, with the Grip platform your data stays within a secure environment–something that is a challenge when using multiple platforms.

Monetize events. Through strategic planning, events can also have a longer-lasting impact. Leveraging virtual by providing content leading up to and after an event gives attendees an innovative experience and the potential for extended engagement. Pushing beyond your average sponsor session and utilizing breakout rooms in a meet-the-speaker format gives attendees more intimate access to speakers. Later in 2021, Grip will launch the ability to combine sessions with a Sponsored Speed Networking Session to empower event participants to connect around a specific topic that has been discussed. Through increased data, engagement and emphasis on networking, you can drive your return on investment.

Moral of the story? The need to make connections will never go away, but there are different paths for engagement. Virtual allows for people to connect on a global level—and with Grip (and a strategic vision), there are many paths to engage before, during and after an event on a deeper and more fulfilling level—which is the true power of hybrid events.