We are nominated for Five Categories at the Event Technology Awards

We are nominated for Five Categories at the Event Technology Awards
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We are extremely excited about being nominated for five categories in the Event Technology Awards. And except for our friends over at Goomeo - who are integrating our API into their app currently - no one else has been nominated for as many categories as us.Although nominated is just the beginning we are super excited about attending the awards ceremony in November and finding out how many awards we will be taking home. Up until we know that, we will just take you through ones we have been nominated for.

Best use of Gamification

One of the key difference between the networking experience in Grip and the tedious lists you see in event apps is the addictive swiping interface. It is why we see people making hundreds of swipes over the course of an event and some user coming back more to Grip than they open Facebook.The key to all of this is the swiping interface and the double opt-in that is needed in order to have a handshake. People get excited by the anticipation of making a connection and the great feeling that it gives you when you have a handshake. It's for a reason that we talk about taking the work out of networking!

Best Event Networking Technology

The power of meeting new people is massive at events. 84% of the event attendees say that their primary reason for attending an event is meeting new people and we can make sure they meet the right ones.We are the first event technology startup to use artifical intelligence taking networking at events to a completely new level. The combination of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and advanced algorithms result in a smart matchmaking engine that has facilitated tens of thousands of connections.

Best Conference Technology

We are grateful that we have been used by some of the most prestigious conferences in the world including Slush, Cannes Lions and Founders Forum. Although we are not your typical conference app our networking apps have helped many conference visitors find the right people to meet.The benefits of a standalone networking app for conferences can be to build up a year-round community as well as a more streamlined experience. Furthermore, we are also excited that several conference applications are currently implementing our matchmaking engine into their apps which will enable even more people to experience the benefits of our technology.

Best New Technology Startup and Product

Although the best new technology startup and product are two separate categories they are very much related in our case. With Grip being launched only last April we have been growing rapidly in the event industry with our first product - easy to use networking apps and that is also what we have been nominated with. With our next product, the matchmaking API, we are already looking at the event technology awards of 2017!