in-person EVENTS

Accelerate lead generation through valuable connections at in-person events.

Use the power of AI to bring a whole new experience and increase value for your attendees and sponsors

A visual that highlights the possibilities that the Grip platform allows for in-person events

How Grip can support In-Person events

Use the power of our AI platform to bring a whole new experience and greater value to your attendees

Increase ROI

Maximise lead generation and optimise networking opportunities for your participants

A visual of icon representing people during a session at an event with the online platform feature

Drive engagement

Connect, inspire and engage your market at your event and beyond, on one single platform

Measure event success

Our admin dashboard allows you to gain real-time insights into your event's performance

Improve matchmaking

Help your community grow their network using our industry-leading AI matchmaking solution

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The best event platform for attendee meetings & exhibitor leads

Mobile App

Keep user itineraries accessible on-the-go using our mobile app
A visual of the Grip Mobile App that shows the functionalities that the Grip Event mobile app allows such as floor plan, visitors and network

Designated Meeting Areas

Meetings are held on allocated tables which can be clearly located on our Interactive Floor-plan with a capacity and timing limit
A visual with a phone and the Grip event app showing the designated meeting areas possibility

Interactive Floorplan

Fully interactive and integrated floor plans with wayfinding and offline availability
A visual with a phone showing the Grip event app and the floorplan feature

Badge Scanning

Enable exhibitors to use the Grip app to scan badges and collect leads
A visual representing a phone with the Grip event app badge scanning possibilities and card scanning

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Are you prepared for live events coming back?

Download our helpful checklist for in-person events and how social distancing, hygiene and personal protection have had an impact on event experiences.

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