Increase your audiences and accelerate revenue streams with virtual event experiences.

Empower attendees and exhibitors to participate in your event from anywhere in the world.

A visual about hybrid and virtual events on the Grip platform, with a chat message box and display of the platform functionalities
WHY a VIRTUAL or hybrid EVENT?

Events that spark connections

Whether through content or networking, build the perfect experience for your clients and attendees through our platform and solutions to empower your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors to achieve their goals even faster

Flexible Streaming

Integrates with multiple streaming solutions that provide livestream and on-demand content

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Smart Matchmaking

AI-Powered event matchmaking tool that drives unparalleled success in connecting event participants

Virtual Meetings

Next level networking with 1:1 and multiuser meetings uniting participants from all around the globe

More Leads. More ROI

Enable your exhibitors to gain more leads than ever before, despite never meeting them in person

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Planning an event?


Virtual events that spark connections

Whether that is through content or networking, build the perfect experience for your clients and attendees through our platform and solutions
A visual about the Homepage of the grip platform for virtual and hybrid events, showcasing event agenda, banners and sponsorships possibilities and connections

Dynamic Homepage

Give your attendees easy access to event information with a dynamic home page.
A visual about the sponsorship and exhibitor possibilities on the Grip platform


Drive revenue by maximising your exhibitors' visibility through our wide range of high-quality platform sponsorship opportunities.
A visual about the mainstage on the Grip platform for virtual and hybrid events


Give your attendees a world-class event experience with one location on our platform for your 'Main Stage'. Avoid unnecessary navigation with a single live stream of content throughout your event.
A visual about the speed networking feature on the Grip platform

Speed Networking

Increase audience engagement and boost connections through intelligent AI-driven match-making and smart speed networking sessions.

Smart features for engaging virtual events

Explore all the functionality on Grip


Maximise your sponsors' visibility through our wide range of platform sponsorship opportunities

Speed Networking

Allows your participants to have short and fast meetings as part of either following a live stream or as an independent session, boosts connections and widen the meeting pool for your participants

Main Stage

Your main stage can be live-streamed and/or viewed in person and will automatically display the content on users' home-feeds

Export Contacts and Meetings

Export all your contacts and meetings including contact details for the ones obtained via badge scanning.

17 Successful Virtual Events in 9 Months

Read the Case Study from the Association of National Advertisers about how they used Grip to engage and connect their event participants across 17 virtual events and are now getting ready for hybrid events.

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