PCMA and Grip Collaborate to help participants ‘Think Bigger’ at Convening Leaders 2024

PCMA and Grip Collaborate to help participants ‘Think Bigger’ at Convening Leaders 2024
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MustMeet, Grip’s AI-Powered Meeting Scheduler, to power in-person Hosted Buyer Program

PCMA, the world’s largest community for business events strategists, providing senior-level education, networking, and market intelligence for the global business events industry will use Grip’s MustMeet technology to power the Hosted Buyer Program at Convening Leaders 2024 in San Diego (January 7  - 10 2024).

Over 350 one-to-one meetings with event industry professionals will be automatically scheduled, managed and hosted using MustMeet, Grip’s AI-powered meeting scheduler.

These meetings will take place between two types of participants: business events strategists responsible for contracting destinations and services (i.e. buyers); and pre-qualified suppliers looking to sell to this audience.

These AI-powered meetings will bring multiple benefits:

  • An acceleration of the buying and selling process by connecting the right people at the right time quickly.
  • The chance to conduct a months’ worth of meetings in a few days at the event.
  • The ability to connect and learn from leading industry experts and peers in a facilitated, one-to-one format.

Thanks to MustMeet, PCMA will gain vital efficiencies enabling the organization to expand and enhance the program with ease. Previously, several hundred post-it notes, spreadsheets and hours of manual work were required to schedule Hosted Buyer meetings. Plus, last minute dropouts would have thrown carefully planned schedules into disarray. Additional hours would also be spent distributing, collecting and analyzing participants’ paper feedback forms post-event to assess the effectiveness and quality of the Hosted Buyer Program.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Grip again to deliver our Hosted Buyer Program at Convening Leaders,” said Meredith Rollins, PCMA Chief Community Officer. “We know that pre-scheduled meetings continue to be a valuable channel for generating leads and building relationships between our event organizers and supplier partners. Grip’s MustMeet software allows us to deliver a seamless and efficient user experience to our participants.”

Tim Groot, Founder and CEO of Grip, explained: “At Grip we have amassed a team of experts which help organizations like PCMA establish and maintain business relationships between participants. We call them ‘business relationship scientists’ and every day they help event organizers across the world bring the right people together, at the right time and right place.

“More than ever before, they are laser focused on enabling the most valuable business relationships possible between event participants. This is achieved thanks to the billions of interactions happening across the platform, resulting in over 70m recommendations per year. This data combined with over 16 machine learning algorithms and a slick participant experience helps organizers increase the number of critical business relationships being made and maintained at their events. This results in better event satisfaction scores, increased growth and ultimately, higher revenues.”

Click here to watch the explainer video for more information on MustMeet.


About Grip

Grip is the AI-powered event platform built for business relationships.  It helps event organizers like SXSW, RX and Clarion Events establish, maintain and track relationships between participants over multiple events.  This is possible because Grip goes beyond networking. It combines AI with billions of interactions happening across the platform and an intuitive mobile event app so participants meet the right people at the right time. This results in organizers benefitting from better event satisfaction scores, increased growth and ultimately, higher revenues.