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How to retain exhibitors

Let’s face it, your exhibitors have a wide variety of options to spend their marketing budgets on. Your event is just one line item in a sea of activities. Events have had a challenging few years, we all know that, but what can we do to ensure exhibitors spend money on your event?

Ecosystem events: The strategy behind the world’s biggest events

Many events aim to be the connector of an industry. But only few are able to do so successfully. These ‘ecosystem events’ bring together an entire industry and grow with it. As a result, meetings are a critical part of the success of these events.

Understaffed and overworked: how smart organisers are automating their workflows

Event teams are busier than ever. Thanks to the pandemic they are now trying to do more with less. Here are four strategies to leverage the latest automation tools.

AI, is it really though? How to ensure your event tech AI delivers

There’s been a lot of talk amongst the eventprofs about AI (artificial intelligence). They are all good questions and we’re glad they asked them…

Back in action: How to ease participants’ ‘in-person event anxiety’

In the UK we’ve been ’back’ to in-person events for nearly a year, but are you still worried about attending live events? Or as an event organizer, are you concerned your attendees will even turn up? 

7 tips for time management skills in events

Are you finding there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done with your event strategy? Click to access 7 tips for busy event professionals.